June 10, 2023

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CITTA Mall Christmas Celebrations 2021

Let’s end the year with a celebrative and positive mood at CITTA Mall. A year without Christmas can feel pretty dismal, though all of that is about to change as CITTA Mall will be jingling all the way once again this December!

As Malaysia returns to a state of relative normalcy with over 80% of the populace fully vaccinated, CITTA Mall is ready to jump back into the festive mood as shoppers are eager to end their retail famine.

I recently spent a day at CITTA Mall checking out their retail outlets, restaurants as well as new outlets and cinema.

I visited CITTA Mall a few times and it offers that neighbourhood malls vibes that is similar to some of the suburb malls in Australia. What I like about CITTA Mall is the wide walkway and it is very family friendly.


I started the day with an appointment at SOStretch for a physiotherapy treatment session. This is a physiotherapy treatment and not a massage.

I was having a sore shoulder and the physiotherapist manage to sort out the issue. After an hour of physiotherapy treatment, I feel better. The concept of SOStretch is to stretch your muscles for your deep tissues. That is the reason why SOStretch was pack with customers since they open their doors in the morning.

Now, they offer promotions for new customers. Enjoy 2 physiotherapy treatment sessions at SOStretch from as low as RM88 when you sign up today (valid for new customers only). If you never been to a physiotherapy session, time to book one at SOStretch.

Original Penang Kayu Nasi Kandar

This is my first time visiting this Original Penang Kayu Nasi Kandar outlet. What is cool about this Original Penang Kayu Nasi Kandar outlet is they utilised the robot helpers.

I ordered their Nasi Kandar as well as their famous signature gigantic ‘roti tissue’. Their roti tissue is made of butter, sugar and honey which is slightly different with the others out there.

The food is good, the service is good and the robot helper is the center of attention of most customers.

Firezone Family KTV

Need a break to sing your heart out with your family or friends? Check out Firezone Family KTV.

They offer single KTV room to family KTV room for large group. Don’t worry as they clean and sanitize their rooms after each session.

Now, they offer promotions to make your experience better! Purchase a 2-hour KTV session and get a free bottle of 1.5L Coca Cola (valid from Monday to Thursday) and enjoy 2 buckets of beers (i.e. Carlsberg, Royal Stout, SKOL) from as low as RM100.

Onde Onde

Take a break and enjoy scrumptious Malaysian dessert at Onde Onde. Some of the food I had includes the rojak buah, fried lekor, tofu bakar, cendol, kuih, fried crispy brinjal and more.

Order a cup of Teh Tarik and you can chill and relax at Onde Onde while planning for what to do next at CITTA Mall.


Baskin Robbins is the one of the newest outlets in CITTA Mall. Now, they are offering Baskin-Robbins’ mischievous Minions Collection is here to help you free the fun with every spoon of B-R goodness.

*Bellow Sundae: RM13.5

*Banana Boat: RM38.0

*Banana Shake: RM16.5

Get them now while stocks last. I am sure the kids and some adults like this.

GSC Cinema

For your information, GSC Cinemas have took over MBO Cinemas. Hence, now you can enjoy the latest movies at GSC cinemas at CITTA Mall.

Check out their unique block designs as well as different cinema halls with unique themes as GSC Cinemas welcomes you at CITTA Mall.  

Peak Fitness

Are you looking to get fit, get healthy or to lose some weight? Check out Peak Fitness that comes with many facilities, classes and trainers.

During this time, we need to stay healthy to boost our immune system. Having the right exercise is important now.

Good news is for new member, join for as low as RM89 per month only, joining fees (RM99) will be waived. Limited to the first 100 new sign ups.

From 4 December onwards, Santa and Santarina will make their rounds to surprise shoppers at selected times, while Teddy and Polar Bear mascots are set to bring smiles on children’s faces on selected weekends. Shoppers who are fortunate enough to bump into Blanko the Living Statue on some weekends will also be able to add some colour to his life (quite literally!) by splashing paint on his unvarnished visage.

In addition to the character meets above, shoppers will be able to get their hands dirty by decorating cupcakes, baking gingerbread man cookies, and creating Christmas ornaments in a variety of workshops. Xmas station games will also litter the grounds at CITTA Mall from 12:00pm to 6:00pm on the weekends of 4 - 5 and 11 - 12 December, so sharpshooters and excellent pitchers should definitely drop by as they may walk away with prizes when they win at these game booths.

Things start to get a little culturally interesting from 14 December onwards, as shoppers will be transported to Korea at the mall’s K-Street Carnival. A Korean-themed bazaar will be available daily from 14 - 19 December, and those who have always wanted to dress up like a character in a Joseon-era K-Drama can do so with the hanboks available at the photo booth.

The weekend of 18 and 19 December will witness another electric comeback, as the mall readies its stage for not one, but two dance competitions: the CITTA Battle and K-Street Carnival K-Pop Dance Cover Competition.

In addition to the dance-offs, gourmets can look forward to the Korean Sausage Eating Challenge that will happen at 1:00pm on the weekend, just in time for lunch. On the other hand, fans of the sensational Korean television series “Squid Game” can practice flicking their wrists at a good ol’ game of Ddakji, without a handsome fellow in a suit slapping them should they fail, of course. Those who prefer a tamer sport can opt for the Tuho Challenge instead, where the goal is to throw as many arrows into a pot from a distance.

This is CITTA Mall Christmas Celebrations 2021 and for more information, visit CITTA Mall Facebook page at ttps://www.facebook.com/CITTAMall.

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