February 5, 2023

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Jollibee Is Opening at Sunway Pyramid KL

You probably read this on other media or Facebook pages and the good news is Jollibee is opening at Sunway Pyramid KL. To be honest, I heard so much about Jollibee especially from Filipino friends. Jollibee is the most popular fried chicken restaurant chain from Philippines and they have many outlets around the world.

Jollibee is already in Malaysia but in Kota Kinabalu Sabah and there are plans to open up to 100 Jollibee stores in the next 8 years. Their first outlet in Sabah for over a year and now they are opening their first Jollibee outlet in Peninsula Malaysia.

According to Bandar Sunway Today Facebook Page, Jollibee is located at LG2. 126 Sunway Pyramid. They are the rightful owner of the photos viral on Facebook as many other Facebook Page used their photos without consent. This happens to some news portal as the owner of Bandar Sunway Today Facebook Page told me about the incident.

We realized that it is very common for many popular Facebook Pages to use others properties without proper credits. The problem with Facebook is it is hard to report them as you can only get generic reports. As much as we love Facebook, stealing photos and not proper crediting owners are still rampant on most Facebook pages and nothing seems can be done about it.

What we know so far is Jollibee might be opening by December 2021 and let’s see how long is the queue during the opening of the outlet. Let’s see how good or tasty is this Jollibee as it is highly recommended and rated by so many people.

Good news is Jollibee Is Opening at Sunway Pyramid KL, please take care and be safe!

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