February 7, 2023

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Shibui Ultrasonic Sterilizer and Multipurpose Sanitizer

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Shibui Ultrasonic Sterilizer and Multipurpose Sanitizer

While the COVID-19 cases are getting lower, it doesn’t mean that we need to put our guards down. We know many people bought many types of sterilizer and sanitizer liquids out there but how many of them are safe? This is the reason why I share this Fujiaire Shibui Ultrasonic Sterilizer and Multipurpose Sanitizer.

First of all Fujiaire Shibui is an Indoor Air Quality specialist. Being an Indoor Air Quality specialist and integrated energy solution provider, Shibui Malaysia’s core business and strength is built offering people with good air quality and energy solution. From residential air conditioners to commercial air quality solutions, Shibui Malaysia’s reputation as a global player has earned a broad client base across sectors and regions, offering professional and cost effective integrated energy solutions to Malaysia.

Like many people out there, I bought my sanitizer online without knowing whether it is safe or effective. Most of us assume it is safe and effective but are their approved by Sirim? Now, let’s talk about Shibui multipurpose sanitizer.

Shibui multipurpose sanitizer

Do you know that Shibui multipurpose sanitizer is ISO certified, HALAL certified, SIRIM approved and it contains no harsh chemical, it is quick disinfect and most important of all it is child safe.

On top of the Shibui multipurpose sanitizer can use for misting, spray, vegetable wash and more!

Why risk it in getting sanitizer out there with no certification with unknown chemical while Shibui multipurpose sanitizer is tested and certified?

The good news is you can get Shibui multipurpose sanitizer online at:

Shopee: https://shp.ee/c5da5ix

Lazada: https://invol.co/cl78be7

The Shibui multipurpose sanitizer can be used on your existing sanitizer machines or guns. Hence, this is a good buy for your family.

Fujiaire Shibui Ultrasonic Sterilizer

Now, let’s talk about sterilizer machine. There are many cheap sterilizer machines out there but is your sterilizer machine comes with 12 months warranty? The most important of all is you need sterilizer machine to produce superfine droplets instead of mist as it is safe to human when the sanitizing process is ongoing.

Shibui Ultrasonic Sterilizer is portal and convenient, you can use it anywhere and anytime from your home to your office.

It is very easy to operate, plug in and play and it is not rocket science.

It is also safe for office equipment or machines because the droplet size is super fine at 1 micron or 0.001mm (compare to ULV Cold Fogger with droplets size of 10-15 microns or sprayer with 30-60 microns size, which is wet).

It kills 99.9% virus with Shibui Multipurpose Sanitizer and it is safe for humans, HALAL, no alcohol and food grade safety. This is what you want to get to protect your family and your loved ones.

We know there are many cheap sanitizer machines and liquid out there but cheap do not means it is good and safe. No one knows what are the liquids used as sanitizer and is it really safe for humans especially our young ones?

The good news is you can get Shibui multipurpose sanitizer online at:

Shopee: https://shp.ee/nqzpvgp

Lazada: https://invol.co/cl78w5y

Remember there are special deals on 11.11 Sales on Shopee and Lazada for Ultrasonic Sterilizer and Multipurpose Sanitizer. If you have any questions, please let us know.

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