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Wonderland Food Store Seafood Restaurant Langkawi

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The nation was stunned by the RM 1k Siakap charged by a seafood restaurant in Langkawi weeks ago. However, not all restaurants are charging steep prices for seafood. There are many reputable seafood restaurants in Langkawi offer good food and competitive pricing like Wonderland Food Store.

wonderland food store seafood langkawi

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The Wonderland Food Store Seafood Restaurant is located in Kuah and near most of the popular duty free shops. This seafood restaurant is highly recommended by the locals as well as many Google reviewers online.

The Wonderland Food Store Seafood Restaurant offers pork-free seafood cuisine and this is one of the ‘muhhibah’ restaurants of all races.

wonderland food store menu

What I like about this restaurant is they have a proper menu with all the pricing so you won’t get overcharged. Siakap is priced at RM 6/100g or RM 60 /kg. Other fish available in the menu includes Grouper at RM 8/100g and Red Snapper at RM 7/100g.

They also offer fried sotong (squid) and it is way cheaper than RM 100. The large fried sotong is only RM 24 as stated in the menu. To be honest, I always find seafood restaurant with proper menu or just ask them the pricing while ordering or else sometimes you get the bill that will shock your wallet.

I ordered four dishes which include siakap, sotong, crab and vegetables for a simple dinner for two persons. This is an open air restaurant and it is usually packed during dinner times so please book your table in advance.

wonderland food store ketam bunga

Flower Crab with sweet and sour sauce. This is the flower crab, meat is fresh while the sweet and sour sauce taste is on point. Crab dishes is not their specialty and hence I think this is a decent dish.

wonderland food store siakap

Steamed siakap with lime garlic. The fish is steam to perfection with the spicy and acidic lime garlic sauce. This is very popular Thai dish and the strong taste of spicy lime garlic makes this dish very flavourful.

wonderland food store fried sotong

Fried crispy sotong that will not cost you RM 50 per plate. This is very crispy as the squid is well coated with batter and deep fried to crunchiness. You will get that crispiness with every bite and you can order this or consider trying their salted egg version too if you like salted egg.

wonderland food store baby kailan

Stir Fried Baby Kailan is the green I ordered for our dinner. This is a simple vegetable dish.

Overall, I find the food at Wonderland Food Store Seafood Restaurant Langkawi is affordable while the taste of their food is decent. I don’t mind coming back here again to try their other dishes when I visit Langkawi again. On the other hand, remember to check out the hotel promo and select the right hotel in Langkawi for you. Seafood in Langkawi might not be as expensive and this same goes to the hotels in Langkawi.

Wonderland Food Store Seafood Langkawi

Opening Hours: 6 to 10 pm (Closed on Mondays)

Address: 179;181, 07000, 180, Persiaran Mutiara 2, Pusat Perdagangan Kelana Mas, 07000 Langkawi, Kedah

Phone: 0124674515


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