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Mitsui Shopping Park LaLaport BUKIT BINTANG CITY CENTRE opens on January 2022

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Mitsui Shopping Park LaLaport BUKIT BINTANG CITY CENTRE opens on January 2022

Another new mall will be opening in Kuala Lumpur and Mitsui Shopping Park LaLaport BUKIT BINTANG CITY CENTRE opens on January 2022. Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd., a leading global real estate company headquartered in Tokyo, (President and Chief Executive Officer : Masanobu Komoda) announced that its commercial facility “Mitsui Shopping Park LaLaport BUKIT BINTANG CITY CENTRE” (“LaLaport BBCC”) will open in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


We are excited for this news as we always visit Mitsui shopping malls whenever we travelled to Japan. We blogged about this mall in earlier this year. Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd. is actively developing the commercial facility business in Asian countries and regions including Shanghai and Taiwan with its experience cultivated over the years in Japan. The opening of LaLaport BBCC will also bring about a new customer experience with its lifestyle-based shopping mall proposition from Japan. The mall aims to become a facility that offers new culture and trends in Malaysia. This brings Japan closer to home here in Malaysia.

The BBCC project is located in central Kuala Lumpur. The total site area of about 78,500sqm consisting of commercial facilities, condominiums, serviced apartments, offices, hotels, etc. This is a large-scale urban development project. The BBCC project aims to become a unique landmark that realizes a new lifestyle by bridging diverse functions, such as “work, housing, play and relaxation” that are required of cities.

A well-developed transportation infrastructure is also a major feature of the BBCC project’s urban development. For public transportation, a pedestrian bridge connecting directly to the Monorail or LRT “Hang Tuah” station is available. For convenient car access, there are three tunnels that lead to the carpark directly from each side. In addition, the construction of pedestrian bridges leading to the BBCC project are expected to further improve the BBCC area’s accessibility.

Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd. has been developing LaLaport BBCC through its Malaysian subsidiary MFBBCC Retail Mall Sdn Bhd (a project company established with UDA Holdings Berhad, Eco World Development Group Berhad and Employee Provident Fund Board to promote this project).

As LaLaport BBCC opens to the public, works will continue on new projects such as the serviced apartments which is a parcel developed by Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd. that is expected to commercialize starting 2024.


Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd. will offer various convenient services for office workers and residents in the adjacent blocks with its vast experience in mixed-use complex development in urban areas. In addition, it will proceed with development of the BBCC area in sequence by working closely with adjacent facilities and partners such as BBCC Development Sdn Bhd. Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd. will contribute to the rejuvenation of the surrounding area and value enhancement of the entire BBCC project.

Mitsui Shopping Park LaLaport operates 16 facilities in Japan and has been actively developing in Asian countries and regions, including Shanghai and Taiwan. In 2015, Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd. opened Mitsui Outlet Park Kuala Lumpur International Airport Sepang, where it provided customers with new value shopping. Malaysian consumer needs and values have become more diverse than ever before, with the increase of middle-income group due to economic growth, the expansion of globalization, and the evolution of digital technology in recent years. As a lifestyle-oriented shopping mall, LaLaport BBCC will create a new customer experience by merging the value provided by current shopping malls with the latest trends based on consumer insights while leveraging on experience cultivated in Japan and Malaysia.

By taking advantage of the Japanese commercial facility network, LaLaport BBCC will bring well-known brands from Japan such as NITORI, Nojima and JONETZ by DON DON DONKI. In addition, Star Child, a nursery school that incorporates Japanese[1]style childcare and intellectual education, will open its first facility in Malaysia.

Based on ” Modern Simplicity” and “Japanese Flavour” design concepts, LaLaport BBCC brings to life a stylish appearance befitting city centre locations complemented by a warm interior design conducive for shoppers to spend the entire day in comfort.

LaLaport BBCC offers a variety of food scenes that make it very attractive to visit over and again. A large F&B floor houses supermarkets that can meet the various demands of customers; “Depachika Marche” where plenty of take-away foods are available, and a casual food court called “Cafeteria”. Meanwhile, the “Gourmet Street” makes for a fresh al fresco dining experience for shoppers while the large “Garden Dining” food court on Level 4 boasts a 1,400-seating capacity.

lalaport bbcc
Photo taken by me earlier this year

LaLaport BBCC provides many event spaces that can meet various needs. The “Central Rooftop Garden” has a large site of approximately 1,700sqm equipped with a roofed step stage and is surrounded by greenery and trees. There is also the “WOW PLAZA”, a unique event space located at the centre of Gourmet Street. The impressive “Grand Steps” next to the main entrance will feature various forms of illumination in tandem with seasonal events.

In addition, “Zepp Kuala Lumpur”, one of Japan’s leading concert halls, will open in the “entertainment hub” area of the block adjacent to LaLaport BBCC. The mall plans to have regular music events and campaigns in this facility in collaboration with Zepp, which operates 10 other facilities in Japan and Taiwan. This will be the first-ever Zepp hall in Malaysia. There are also plans to collaborate with other adjacent partners, such as the “Malaysian Grand Bazaar”, which focuses on local specialties, as well as Golden Screen Cinemas.

This is one of its kind shopping mall in Malaysia and Mitsui Shopping Park LaLaport BUKIT BINTANG CITY CENTRE offers a new customer experience from Japan. Are we excited for this? Of course we do, this is the probably the closest place we can visit similar to Japan. Remember, Mitsui Shopping Park LaLaport BUKIT BINTANG CITY CENTRE opens on 20 January 2022.

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