March 30, 2023

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Sinovac Booster Shot and Side Effects

This is not an advertorial but more like a sharing session on my recent Sinovac Booster Shot and its side effects. With the Omicron running wild around the world and maybe in Malaysia, it is time to get our booster shot.

If you followed my blog, I had COVID-19 positive in October and I spent 12 days in MAEPS Serdang. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate my quarantine at MAEPS Serdang as the food was good and I was well taken care by fellow ‘inmates’ as well as the nurses and doctors. I appreciate how dedicated the front liners are inside the MAEPS Serdang 24/7.

Cut the story short, I have immunity of 60-90 days there is always risk of getting COVID for the second time. Remember, the booster shot is not just for you but for your loved ones too especially your family.

I didn’t manage to book the Selangor’s Selangkah free Sinovac booster shot program as most timing were fully booked so I went to a nearby clinic for the booster shot.

You can watch the video for the entire process, I paid the Sinovac Booster shot for RM 135 and I know each clinic offers different rates and only selected clinics offer the booster shot.

For the next few days, I have a bit of soreness on the injection area. The Sinovac Booster Shot side effects are almost none and probably tiredness and fatigue.

I didn’t get the side effects like fever, body warmth, dehydration or anything at all. It feels nothing at all compare to my earlier Sinovac vaccine shots. Please take note that the Sinovac booster shot side effects is different as how our body deals with it.

I chose to purchase the Sinovac booster shot on my own reasons and the most important point is to get it done. I had my Sinovac booster shot and I hope everyone get their booster shot for the herd immunity. Take care everyone, we pray and hope for a better 2022!

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