April 13, 2024


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1 Utama roars into Chinese New Year with an Auspicious Reunion of 12 Legendary Golden Zodiac Animals and giant 20-feet Gold-plated Tiger and Teochew Town with Oriental Pavilion and Pasar Malam. This is definitely worth a mention as 1 Utama showcased their Chinese New Year with a huge Gold plated Tiger.


Unleash your inner tiger at 1 Utama Shopping Centre this Chinese New Year and make 2022 the year to pursue your dreams and goals! 1 Utama is welcoming visitors to a “Regal Kingdom of Spring” from 6 January to 6 February 2022.


Radiating auspicious vibes through a roaring Reunion of 12 Legendary Golden Zodiac Animals brought to life at LG Oval concourse, shoppers will immediately be drawn towards the striking 20-feet Gold-Plated Tiger perched majestically on a giant rock mountain towering over the other zodiacs, where each animal sculpture is opulently depicted with gold coins and ingots.


Adding an elegant twist to the “Ong” decorations are gold lanterns galore and panels of traditional paper cutting art displayed at the shopping kiosks, which offer a variety of CNY gifts, snacks, festive delicacies, clothes and accessories for shoppers to browse and purchase.


Replicating the joyous spirit of Spring, be transported to a Teochew Town over at Centre Court concourse, with origins and architecture from Guangdong province of China. As one sashays and shop their way through, capture picture-worthy moments at the 30-feet Oriental Pavilion surrounded by a beautiful peony garden that doubles as a communal area for olden day clans to get together.

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CNY Pasar Malam @ Estreet
(18 – 23 Jan, 3pm – 9pm) 🍜


Back by popular demand, 1 Utama is bringing back its CNY Pasar Malam again this year to delight shoppers at Estreet @ 1 Utama E. Revel in the bustling Pasar Malam that features 40 stalls by local vendors and artisans. Time to indulge in street food cravings and all-time favourites like Penang Char Koay Teow, Thai BBQ, Laksa, Sweet Potato Balls, Popiah, Chee Cheong Fun, Dragon Beard Candy, Tong Sui and many more – perfect for a sunny or moon-lit yumcha session.


Festive Performances

Roaring shows and captivating performances are lined up throughout Chinese New Year to hype up the festivities such as Khuan Loke Acrobatic Lion Dance, Kwong Ngai 8 Majestic Drums performance, No Noise Percussion, MCCO Orchestra, GuZheng Ensemble, Diabolo and many other cultural acts to usher in the New Year: 

LG Oval
Khuan Loke Acrobatic Lion Dance
8 Jan (Sat) • 8pm 29 Jan (Sat) • 8pm 1 Feb (Tue) • 8pm  
MyDiabolo Academy Diabolo Performance
9 Jan (Sun) • 5pm  
Kwong Ngai Acrobatic Lion Dance 15 Jan (Sat) • 8pm 2 Feb (Wed) • 8pm  
K+Wind Ensemble 16 Jan (Sun) • 5pm 22 Jan (Sat) • 8pm  
No Noise Percussion 18 Jan (Tue) • 3pm   MCCO Chinese Orchestra 23 Jan (Sun) • 3pm   GuZheng Ensemble 29 Jan (Sat) • 5pm   Drums Performance 30 Jan (Sun) • 5pm 5 Feb (Sat) • 5pm  
Kwong Ngai 8 Majestic Drums Performance 6 Feb (Sun) • 5pm
GF Centre Court
Chinese Drums Performance 8 Jan (Sat) • 3pm 22 Jan (Sat) • 6pm (Estreet, LG 1 Utama E)  
No Noise Percussion 9 Jan (Sun) • 3pm  
The Oriental Odyssey 15 Jan (Sat) • 3pm 22 Jan (Sat) • 3pm 5 Feb (Sat) • 4pm  
Khuan Loke Traditional Lion Dance 16 Jan (Sun) • 3pm
18 Jan (Tue) • 6pm  (Estreet, LG 1 Utama E)
 23 Jan (Sun) • 6pm (Estreet, LG 1 Utama E) 1 Feb (Tue) • 3pm  
Kwong Ngai Acrobatic Lion Dance @ Main Entrance (near Bershka) 23 Jan (Sun) • 1pm  
Kwong Ngai Traditional Lion Dance 29 Jan (Sat) • 3pm 2 Feb (Wed) • 3pm  
Prosperity Band 30 Jan (Sun) • 3pm   Khuan Loke Acrobatic Lion Dance @ Main Entrance (near Bershka) 6 Feb (Sun) • 1pm



1PAY ROAR-some Cashback! (6 Jan – 6 Feb): Enjoy random cashback of up to RM8 when you spend a min of RM8 in a single receipt via 1PAY Scan & Pay on 1 Utama’s Mobile App. *Maximum of RM38 cashback per ONECARD member; RM68 cashback per ONECARD LUXE member.

1PAY Ong Lai e-Angpow (6 Jan – 15 Feb): Earn random cashback when you send a min of RM8 on 1PAY e-Angpow via 1 Utama’s Mobile App, maximum of RM10 cashback per member.

Join The ONECARD Family (6 Jan – 6 Feb): FREE 5-year ONECARD Membership awaits those born in the year of the Tiger or use code “ANGPOW8” to receive RM8 cashback when you sign up online.


 • A Tiger-rific Lunar New Year (6 Jan – 6 Feb): Apply promo code “LUCKY88” for free Angpow packets and e-Angpow up to RM88 (min spend RM138) or “FORTUNE88” to get a limited edition Lunar New Year T-Shirt, Angpow packets and e-Angpow of up to RM88 (min spend RM238).

Huat To Eat (7 Jan – 31 Jan): Enjoy FREE Delivery + 1 Utama Limited Edition Angpow packets with min spend of RM68 on food delivery orders @ www.oneshop.com.my with promo code “HUAT2EAT”.

12 Shēng Xiào 生肖 Instagram Filter

• Get creative with 1 Utama “12 Shēng Xiào 生肖 Instagram Filter” and have fun customizing different Chinese Zodiacs accompanied with Festive Blessings from 6 Jan to 6 Feb. For Tiger babies, join the IG Giveaway to stand a chance to win gifts by uploading a selfie using this filter. Grand Prize: TSL The 12 Treasure 18K Diamond Necklace Pendant Set worth RM4,690 & Consolation Prize: TSL Limited Pure Gold Tiger Charm Bracelet Set worth RM1,750.


We wish everyone to have a positive roaring Tiger year and hope for the best of wealth, health and prosperity. Gong Xi Fa Cai everyone!

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