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CLEA offers Doctors Verified RTK Antigen Test for CNY Reunion

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CLEA offers Doctors Verified RTK Antigen Test for CNY Reunion

The COVID cases in Malaysia rises again with the new Omnicron variant. Daily cases now rose to 5000 per day from 3000 per day just a few days ago. It is time for us to protect ourselves by doing the RTK Antigen Test before attending any CNY Reunion or events during this time. How to make sure that you are doing the right RTK Antigen Test? Time to check out CLEA app that offers doctors to verified your RTK Antigen Test.

We had COVID-19 positive back in October and luckily we had mild symptoms with lease post effects. In short, it was not a pleasant experience and we hope everyone will not get it so it important for you, your family or friends to do Doctors Verified RTK Antigen Test for CNY Reunion or any other events.

clea app places and foods

Instead of visiting the clinic for doctor verified RTK Antigen Test, you can now do it via CLEA app. This will save time visiting the clinic and money too as it is cheaper via CLEA app. It will be verified by a random doctor in Malaysia.

Here are the main reasons why you should use CLEA app!

• No appointment needed

• Reduce contact with other patient when you visit to clinic

• can perform this anytime, anywhere

• reduce cross infection

During this CNY, it is best to do your RTK Antigen Test right and verified by a doctor before visiting any family and friends.  

Firstly, you need to download CLEA app at Google Play Store or IOS App Store. After you downloaded the CLEA app, remember to register yourself with proper documentation like IC or Passport.

CLEA register

You have to purchase the RTK Antigen Test Kit from your nearest pharmacy or online but it must be approved by KKM (Ministry of Health Malaysia). You must also prepare a pen with permanent ink or maker pen (we will explain it later).

CLEA app can be used for CNY Reunion or any work related matters that requires a proper doctor documentation.

CLEA rtk test credit

Remember to purchase the credit for RM 15 for 1 test.

CLEA rtk test saliva test type

Make sure you select the correct of Test Kit you are using including the brand. We are using the RTK Antigen Saliva Test Kit by Gmate (from Korea).

CLEA rtk test saliva test preparation

Please prepare the ‘Permanent Marker Pen’, A RTK Test Kit (MDA Registered) and phone battery more than 30%.

CLEA rtk test verification

Follow the steps and you need to take 2 photos for verification purpose.

CLEA rtk test unique tac code

Remember to write down the TAC code on the cassette body of the RTK Test kit. This number is unique and different from each test so you can’t cheat it.

clea vcs identity test zone
clea vcs test follow instructions

Make sure you prepare space to record the whole RTK Antigen Test video recording.

clea vcs recording done

After recording, please press ‘Done’ and wait for 10 minutes to record the result (based on the requirement from KKM).

clea vcs test pending

We did some minor mistakes during the recording as this is our first time doing it but everything went smooth at the end.

clea vcs test doctor pending

The verification pending usually will take less than one hour as it will go through a random doctor throughout Malaysia.

clea vcs test negative result

After the verification period is over, you will receive an official result like this. This is the Result Report from Doctor Ng of Klink Medik Jaya in Sg Petani. Instead of visiting the clinic, you can save time to do it online and save money too!

clea vcs test negative

You can use CLEA for Doctors Verified RTK Antigen Test for CNY Reunion, parties and events. For more information, please download CLEA App now!

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