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3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Singapore for Your Next MICE Event

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3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Singapore for Your Next MICE Event

Hosting meetings, incentives, conventions, and exhibitions (MICE) is beneficial for any company or business owner. It can help you deepen relations with your colleagues in the industry while also giving you the chance to forge new connections and partnerships. Whatever purpose you might want to achieve with your MICE event, the location is even more vital to draw in the most numbers of attendees. 

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As a country that caters to several Fortune 500 companies, Singapore prevails as an ideal location with its diverse culture, future-forward innovations, and more. Aside from these, there are three key reasons why hosting your MICE in Singapore could be a lucrative choice for you. 

Singapore Is Accessible and Convenient

Flying to Singapore from a different country is relatively easy, as the country requires no visa if you’re a citizen of one of the many eligible countries.. Aside from the fact that the country is easy to travel to, everything in Singapore is also within travelling distance, and using a cab service is trouble-free once you’re at the airport. If you want to avoid traffic, trains and buses are also available, and accessing their schedules can be done through various apps. 

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Singaporean establishments are also experienced with hosting MICE events, so much so that a variety of hotels, restaurants, and vendors offer assistance and packages to those who wish to make use of their convention centres and services. Because of this, it is easier to plan for your MICE event, and you’ll be able to focus on tasks leading up to the actual event.  

You can also advise the event participants to book at any of the hotels near Singapore airport to make it easier for them to fly in and out of the country. Many of these individuals who travel for business will appreciate the convenience of being near Changi Airport and world-class commercial facilities like the Jewel Changi Airport, which is also home to a number of tourist attractions.

In addition to Singapore being very accessible and convenient in terms of logistics, the country’s  network connectivity also ensures that your MICE has a fast and reliable internet connection. As a technologically advanced and ready country, Singapore offers internet speeds as fast as 200mbps. If this isn’t enough, Singapore is also equipped with Wireless@SG, the nation’s free public Wi-Fi. Alongside this, the country also maintains partnerships with foreign telecommunications companies, so you can easily access roaming services if you’re a foreigner.  

Singapore Has Many Facilities That Foster Creativity and Teamwork

MICE is not always about business; it can also be about team building. By partnering with different organisations, Singapore can give you innovative team building ideas that can range from cultural activities to more adventurous outings. An example of this is the Heritage Race programme that offers you and your team different trails and challenges to accomplish together. If you’re feeling reserved and want to stay indoors, you can consider workshops about coffee-making or cooking local cuisine.   

On top of that, every hotel near Changi Airport tends to have convention centres and function rooms, which means that these establishments compete by offering MICE delegates the most exceptional amenities. Hotels like Park Royal in Pickering can provide you with a view of their beautiful garden, giving you and your delegates space to relax after workshops or seminars. Marina Bay Sands, which has the biggest ballroom in Southeast Asia, is also equipped with two theatres, “celebrity chef” restaurants, and art exhibits that your delegates can enjoy when the day ends.  

For unique and unconventional conferences, you can even consult places like ArtScience Museum, S.E.A. Aquarium, or even Singapore Sports Hub, all of which are furnished with MICE-capable facilities. 

Singapore Provides Compelling Benefits and Incentives

It is no surprise that almost every business in Singapore can host MICE events, considering the number of people who regularly travel here either to attend or organise an event. But choosing what businesses to partner with can make your MICE all the more enticing. This is because partnering with certain brands or corporate entities will allow  you to take advantage of more rewards and incentives.

If you’re not sure where to start, check out Singapore’s Assistance Schemes to get their help in planning your MICE. Their Singapore MICE Advantage Programme (SMAP) partners with brands like Changi Airport, Singapore Airlines, and Grab to offer organisers and delegates various discounts and complimentary benefits. 

While incentives and rewards make your MICE more compelling, what can set it apart is the safety that Singapore can provide. With its low crime rates and exceptional sanitation and health standards, Singapore is considered one of the safest and cleanest cities worldwide. And for women who may be attending your MICE and might want additional security, various hotels in Singapore go so far as to have women-only floors. 

For these reasons, it is no surprise that Singapore is a favourable location for hosting MICE events. By providing you with profitable partnerships and advantageous locations, you can start planning your MICE event in Singapore as early as today.  

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