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Three Must-Visit Locations On Your London Trip According to Pop Culture

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Three Must-Visit Locations On Your London Trip According to Pop Culture


The world’s biggest cities are so iconic that they’re not just mentioned in the news, they’re featured in movies, and also you’ll see some of the world’s capital cities replicated in video games.

All this constant exposure means that ahead of heading to those places, sometimes you feel like you already know where you should go before you even arrive. However, this presents its own issues, as just focusing on the familiar might see you miss out on other iconic places to visit and some fantastic food and drink while you’re there.

On a trip to London, would you have even considered a visit to Brick Lane, for example? It’s not only essential for a foodie, as not only are there numerous restaurants to visit but there’s also the historic Truman Brewery, which will give you a real sense of the country. Time Out call it one of their places to go if you’re in the area.

If you’re not on a food trip, then there are some sights in London that are utterly unmissable. Don’t worry because we’re here to help you with a few tips on the best places to visit during your stay in London and also some places to enjoy a bite to eat nearby.

St Paul’s Cathedral

St_Paul’s_Cathedral,_London,_England_-_Jan_2010.jpgDiliff derivative work: Nikopol (talk), St Paul’s Cathedral, London, England – Jan 2010 editCC BY-SA 3.0

We will start this list with one of the most famous landmarks in the capital, St Paul’s Cathedral. The historic building, with origins that go back to the 7th century, is a must-visit; it’s as quintessentially British as the voice of Lara Croft, who ironically ran across its roof in Tomb Raider 3! It was where the Queen celebrated her Diamond Jubilee and was the venue for the wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana back in 1981. If you get there early enough, you should head to the bakery, Shaman, which offers fantastic traditional English scones, and fresh brewed tea and coffee while giving you great views of the Thames, making it the perfect place to plan your day.

Tower of London

Bernard GagnonTower of London White TowerCC BY-SA 3.0

The Tower of London is one of London's jewels, and you'll instantly recognise it. Built in 1078 following the Norman Conquest, it's long been a London landmark making it one of the buildings that everyone tries to squeeze in on a trip to the UK. Also, it's a venue that's often depicted on screen, as recently seen in Spider-Man: Far From Home, and it's a location for many well-known games too, including the PS4 title Nioh. You can find the iconic location featured among the online slots from Foxy Bingo; the title Beat the Bobbies at The Tower of London features the famous White Tower as well as other stereotypical London imagery. Another game that follows that trend is Project Gotham Racing on mobiles, which allows you to race around the nearby streets, something that would certainly have been frowned upon if the Tower was still inhabited by the likes of Queen Elizabeth in the 1500s! Suppose you're hungry and need a change of pace after taking in some of the historical tales (and horror stories!) from within the Tower's walls. In that case, the neighbouring Melusine is the perfect place to unwind at St Katherine's docks and treat yourself to some fine seafood.

Buckingham Palace

DiliffBuckingham Palace from side, London, UK - DiliffCC BY-SA 3.0]

No visit to London is complete without a trip to visit the home of the monarchy in the UK, Buckingham Palace. After all, you might have spent the time on your flight discovering the secrets of the Palace on the Nintendo DS game from the Hidden Mysteries series! While you don't get the freedom you did in the game on a tour of the London home of the Queen, you certainly can experience the glamour and the history inside its walls. Visitors get the chance to walk through the State Rooms, where guests are entertained, and you'll get to see the ballroom and walk through the gardens too. The perfect way to end a day is to treat yourself like royalty with the ultimate service at the nearby English Grill. The restaurant not only has an opulent interior but also serves the Queen's kitchen at Buckingham Palace, so there's no better way to round off your authentic Royal experience.

If you enjoyed our whistle-stop tour of some of London's most iconic landmarks and food choices, why not stop by our homepage at Places and Foods, to see what the rest of the world has to offer.


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