December 1, 2023


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Kudi Chin The Portuguese Settlement in Bangkok

This is a brief introduction to Kudi Chin The Portueguese Settlement in Bangkok. Why a brief introduction? When I visited Kudi Chin, they have more to offer and it will take hours to cover some of the important places at Kudi Chin Bangkok.

kudi chin portuguese settlement bangkok

Kudi Chin is also known as Kudee Jeen is a historic neighbourhood in Bangkok. It is located by the Chao Phraya River and near the Temple of Dawn, Wat Arun (10 minutes drive).

kudi chin community map

Kudi Chin neighbourhood started since the Ayutthaya period it is best known for the Catholic community of the Portuguese descendants around Santa Cruz Church.

This is the old Bangkok area and there are many small lanes that is not accessible by cars so cycling is the best way to venture and explore. You can take a taxi or grab to the Santa Cruz Church and explore around the neighbourhood by walking.

kudi chin portuguese settlement jesus

Kudi Chin is interesting because this is the main Portuguese Settlement, there is another small settlement further north called the Conception community.

kudi chin street art

From we understand, the Portuguese received the land from King Taksin. They emigrated in 1767 with other ethnic groups and in 1769, there was a construction of a Catholic church called Santa Cruz Church until today.

kudi chin santa cruz church

There are three types of land and church like this in Bangkok Metropolitan Region, in addition to the Kudi Chin, including Holy Rosary Church in Talat Noi, Immaculate Conception Church in Sam Sen, and Immaculate Heart of Mary Church in Phra Pradaeng, Samut Prakan.

I didn’t venture much as I didn’t allocated enough time to venture around the neighbourhood. On top of that, I didn’t enter the Santa Cruz Church as it was closed on my day of visit.

kudi chin st theresa

There are maps and other Catholic symbols around the Santa Cruz Church and this is the main attraction of Kudi Chin. Since I went there in late afternoon, it was very windy and really nice to walk around.

kudi chin pier closed for renovation

The pier seems to be closed for construction (upgrade) but you still can get the beautiful view of Chao Phraya River.

kudi chin bonus pastor

On top of the Santa Cruz Church, the other prominent building includes the Santa Cruz Suksa School.

kudi chin santa cruz school

Kudi Chin is not a popular tourist attraction and hence not many people talk about this place. If you are into culture and history, please prepare sometime to venture Kudi Chin.

kudi chin portuguese restaurant

On top of Santa Cruz Church, you can also check out the areas around Wat Kanlayanamit, Kudi Chin Museum, Kudi Khao Mosque, and the Chinese Kuan An Keng Shrine. You can also check out the Portuguese restaurant, their special dishes, walk around for photos at this Kudi Chin The Portuguese Settlement in Bangkok.



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