February 7, 2023

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Bachang Chinese Mee Rebus Ah Moi

This is something good to share from my recent trip to Melaka last month. This Bachang Chinese Mee Rebus has been around for decades. They have been around for 60 years and yet many people including locals don’t really know this place. Please take note that this Bachang Chinese Mee Rebus location has moved to a nearby location and it is called Mee Rebus Ah Moi from June 2022 onwards.

This is the old place and they have moved to the shop lot nearby, address at below

I came here with my family as my father found this place on Facebook. The popular food here is mee rebus and they also offer rojak, char kuey teow and oh chien (oyster omelette).

You need to take a number first and then you will order once your number is called. It is quite a good ordering system as you don’t need to queue.

Please take note that this is their old shop and they have moved to their new shop this month. The location of the new shop is as below.

Firstly mee rebus. The mee rebus is served hot, the sauce is not too spicy and overall the taste is pretty good. Let the noodles rest a while and this is very enjoyable. What I like about their mee rebus is the ingredients are freshly made especially the deep fried.

Rojak is equally good as I mentioned earlier their ingredients are freshly made especially the fried stuffs are deep fried on the spot. The sauce is not too spicy so it is enjoyable even by my big boy.

Oh Chien is surprisingly good. It comes with wok hei, not too greasy, not too starchy and overall the taste is really good. What we like is the fresh oyster and how you can’t stop eating it after the first bite!

Char kuey teow is also another surprise. Wok hei is there, this is more to Penang style than KL style. Even though it looks like not many ingredients, this taste really well.

Overall, the food at Bachang Chinese Mee Rebus Ah Moi is better than we expected. We had this for brunch before we visit Melaka town for more food. They have moved to a nearby shoplot so this place no longer exist. Remember to watch the video for more information too! This place is not popularized by Food Pages, Youtubers or Bloggers yet. Give this a try, you won’t regret it!

Crazy wok wei

Bachang Chinese Mee Rebus Ah Moi

Opening Hours: 7.30 am to 1.30 pm

Address: No 2, Block A, Plaza Wang, Jalan Bachang, Bachang Business Park, 75300 Malacca

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