March 31, 2023

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How To Apply Thailand Pass and Buy COVID Insurance

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How To Apply Thailand Pass and Buy COVID Insurance

This is the latest update on How To Apply Thailand Pass and Buy COVID Insurance in June 2022. On my previous blog, I have posted the Entry Requirements for Malaysians into Thailand effective 1 June 2022. In short, you just need to Thailand Pass and buy COVID insurance if you are fully vaccinated to visit Thailand. Thailand Pass is FREE and don’t get scammed by online scammers.

Let me walk through with you How To Apply Thailand Pass step by step.

Visit for Thailand Pass application, choose either Air Travel (flight) or Land Travel (car).

This is for Malaysians (Non Thai Nationals) and for insurance you can visit

These are the latest options from Thailand. In the past I purchased the MSIG Insurance and you can also purchase COVID insurance from Malaysia.

Just read through the article and click confirm.

If you are from Malaysia, click departure from Malaysia and you must have the airport / land border of arrival. For flight ticket, just key in your flight number and date of arrival. There is no need proof of air ticket.

Key in your personal information as per your passport. Don’t put in your nickname, this is official document.

Family name is surname, Given name is first name, Middle name is second name.

Example: Your name is Tan Bar Bie.

Given name : Bar

Middle name: Bie

Family name: Ta

You must fill the passport number and take the photo of your Passport of your details.

Information of your vaccination. This can be found in your MySejahtera App, remember to fill in the Vaccination Type, date of last vaccination and upload the certificate.

Remember to fill in your accommodation address or Agoda booking number. Upload your purchased COVID insurance and wait for approval. Approval will take up to two hours.

Within two hours, you will get the Thailand Pass QR Code on your email if it is approved. When it is rejected, just change the necessary and send for approval.

Remember this, Thailand Pass is FREE and good luck in applying your Thailand Pass. This is How To Apply Thailand Pass and Buy COVID Insurance.

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