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KANIKA Frozen Seafood Easy to Cook Recipe

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KANIKA Frozen Seafood Easy to Cook Recipe

From time to time, I do cook for simple food for my boys for their school meal. For parents, easy to cook meals are important as we have to wake up early to prepare food for them and most important thing is the food is nutritious and they loved the food. This is the reason why today I am going to talk about KANIKA Frozen Seafood Easy to Cook Recipe.

kanika frozen seafood places and foods

You can easily purchase KANIKA Frozen seafood at supermarkets or online at Lazada, Shopee or https://www.kanika.com.my/

I am sure you heard of KANIKA Frozen Seafood product as we love to get them as most of their seafood products are tasty.

For the KANIKA Frozen Seafood Easy to Cook Recipe, I created three simple recipe and the KANIKA Frozen Seafood I use are:

  1. KANIKA Sesame Dressing
  2. Chuka Wakame
  3. Chuka Kurage
  4. Chuka Idako
  5. Chuka Hotate
  6. Instant Udon
  7. Breaded Scallop
kanika frozen seafood

Salad with KANIKA Sesame dressing, Chuka Wakame, Chuka Kurage and Chuka Hotate

This is the easiest recipe and it is not just for kids but for adults too. You simply need to purchase the salad bowl at your nearby supermarket.

kanika sesame dressing with salad

Wash the salad and add KANIKA Sesame dressing. If you want more texture to your salad, you just add Chuka Wakame, Chuka Kurage and Chuka Hotate. I know not many people actually do this but the Chuka Wakame, Chuka Kurage and Chuka Hotate will offer that extra texture and flavour to the salad. The KANIKA Sesame dressing is flavourful and the kids loved it!

kanika chuka salad

Udon with Miso Paste

This is another easy recipe with KANIKA Japanese instant udon. Open the packet, rinse the udon with water. Boil the water in the pot and put the udon in and let it cook for a few minutes (medium heat).

kanika instant japanese udon

Add Miso Paste for flavour and vegetables. Just within minutes, you will get a delicious hot udon with miso paste. You can also complement the noodles with breaded scallop or Chuka Idako for texture.

kanika japanese instant udon

Easy to cook recipe, the kids love this and you need less than 10 minutes to prepare this. This is Udon with Miso Paste.

Egg Fried Rice with Breaded Scallop

Cook a pot of rice and let it rest (for a few hours if possible). Make sure you have a wok or medium size frying pan.

Firstly, cook the minced garlic to golden brown colour. Next, add fried rice and stir fried it for a few minutes.

kanika fried rice copy

Add oil, add eggs and soy sauce for seasoning. Fried the rice for another few minutes and it is ready to consume. I love to use oyster sauce for flavour but my mom said it is not nice so it is up to you.

Now, defrost the Breaded Scallop. Make sure you have hot oil and deep fry the breaded scallop using medium heat. Let it cook until it is golden colour. If you deep fry using high heat, you might not get that crispy texture and over burn it too.

kanika breaded scallop pack
kanika breaded scallop

For the Breaded Scallop, you can use the KANIKA sesame dressing as sauce or else tomato ketchup or chili sauce.

I always cook the egg fried rice for my kids and they loved it and with the breaded scallop, they loved it more.

kanika frozen seafood kids

Kids will always love crispy food and the breaded scallop is not just crispy but tasty too. Made with real scallop.

Something extra for everyone! KANIKA will offer the Father’s Day Campaign from 6 to 18 June with a special bundle price of RM 127!

Father’s Day Campaign

6/6-18/6 (in according with Father’s Day) Bundle price RM127 Discount 10%

Promotion bundle set:

1 x Black Jute Bag

2 x Udon

2 x Breaded Scallop

2 x Sesame Salad Dressing

2 x Chuka Wakame

2 x Chuka Hotate

2 x Chuka Idako

Lastly, these are the three KANIKA Frozen Seafood Easy to Cook Recipe. I really hope you can cook one of this for your kids or family.

kanika malaysia seafood

You can easily purchase KANIKA Frozen seafood at supermarkets or online at Lazada, Shopee or https://www.kanika.com.my/

Shopee: https://shope.ee/9UNSBeNJeS

Lazada: https://invol.co/clb5jfc

Kanika customer service details
Kanika Malaysia @Selayang
Block K, Lot 46903,
Jalan Taman Perusahaan Selayang.
68100 Batu Caves, Selangor
[email protected]

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