February 24, 2024


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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Moon Photography

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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Moon Photography

I blogged about Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Moon Photo last year and it gets better with Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. The big difference is the sharpness and you can check out the video for the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra moon photography tutorial.

s22 full moon

Capturing moon photos are harder than you thought. Back in the old days, you need a tripod, a DSLR camera with long zoom lens to capture the moon photo. Not forgetting you need the right setting of aperture, ISO and shuttle speed to capture the perfect moon photo.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra makes moon photography easier, better and sharper. What you need is a steady hand using normal mode with 30x zoom or 100x zoom.

s22 moon photograpy 30x zoom
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 30x zoom

In short if you own a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra or S21 Ultra, just leash your phone and take the moon photography at ease without any tripod or any hard skills.

S22 moon photography
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 100x zoom

This is Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Moon Photography and you like this!

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