May 28, 2023

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Savoey Seafood Restaurant Terminal 21 Asok Bangkok

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Savoey Seafood Restaurant Terminal 21 Asok Bangkok

Terminal 21 Asok is one of my favourite shopping malls in Bangkok Thailand. I blogged about Terminal 21 Asok many times in many of our Bangkok stories in the past. On my recent trip to Bangkok in April 2022, I visited the Savoey Seafood restaurant at Terminal 21 Asok.

Savoey is a Thai restaurant established in 1972. They expanded the restaurants in this couple of years and they have nine outlets in Bangkok and Pattaya. Savoey is reputable for their authentic Thai cuisine. Their ‘Fresh and Delectable’ dishes are from their own recipe that has been passed on from generation to generation.

Savoey Seafood Restaurant is located on the 5th floor and located near the main elevator (from the main entrance). You will notice the red signage.

It is not a very huge restaurant but it comes with the outdoor view of Asok and the surrounding area especially the BTS train.

We had lots of food for lunch at Savoey Seafood Restaurant Terminal 21 Asok Bangkok. Thus, it takes a while for me to put to do this review.

Savoury spicy Tom Yam Seafood that won’t disappoint. The hot Tom Yam soup comes with seafood like prawn, fish, squid and more. This complement wells with rice or noodles.

Thai style curry Mud Crab. I love this version of curry crab as it comes with lots of eggs and the sauce is very creamy. The mud crab itself is fresh and it goes well with the egg curry sauce.

Deep fried sea bass with fish sauce and mango salad. The fish outer layer is crispy with great texture. Thais usually use fish sauce instead of soy sauce and it enhances the flavour of the fish. The mango salad is sourish offers the additional taste for the fish.

Fried oyster omelet on hot pan. Their version of fried oyster omelet or ‘oh chien’ is different than Malaysia version. The oyster is bigger in size while overall the egg and starch is crispy. This is also not too greasy and it goes well with the chili sauce.

Fried crab dumplings or money bags. Crispy on the outside, the filling is filled with mixed crab meat and you enhance the flavour with the sauce.

Fried prawn pancake. This is definitely different than the usual prawn pan cake. Crispy on the outer layer while the texture of the filling is soft and the kids love this.

Green curry chicken. Their version is not the thick green curry so this is more enjoyable. This goes well with white rice.

Lastly, the most important thing you must order is their river prawns. The size is as big as an arm’s length, the river prawns can be deep fried or steamed with garlic.

Both version are equally tasty depending on your taste and expectations. We also order many other food that is well up to our expectation.

Grilled chicken with glutinous rice

Overall, the food at Savoey Seafood Restaurant Terminal 21 Asok is lived up to expectation. If you want a comfortable restaurant with good food with a good view at Terminal 21, you are welcomed to visit Savoey Seafood Restaurant. After the meal, you still can walk around the shopping mall to burn some calories.

Savoey Seafood Restaurant Terminal 21 Asok Bangkok

Opening Hours: 11 am to 9 pm

Address: 5015 ห้าง เทอร์มินอล 21 อโศก Soi Sukhumvit 19, แขวง สวนหลวง, เขต สวนหลวง, Bangkok 10110, Thailand

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