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Sun Ming Kee Restaurant and Menu Prices 2022

It has been many years since I ate at Sun Ming Kee Restaurant. The main reason is it is very hard to get a parking around this area. There are parking spaces but you need to walk very far under the hot sun. After missing out for a couple of years, I decided to revisit Sun Ming Kee Restaurant and check out their latest 2022 menu. This is because many food prices went up and hence the menu is different in 2022.

sun ming kee restaurant cheras

I went there slightly early before 12 noon and there was already queue in front of me. I had to share table with other people but it is fine with me.

sun ming kee long queue

I wanted to order their famous duck drumstick but only allow quarter duck as it was too early to sell individual leg. I understand the rationale but I am ordering only one duck drumstick though and not like five or ten.

sun ming kee roast duck
sun ming kee char siew

Since I don’t really want to order a quarter duck, I ordered duck breast and their char siew. This is around RM 10 and the pricing is quite decent considering at this popular BBQ shop.

sun ming kee menu 2022

Check out the latest Sun Ming Kee Menu Prices on June 2022. Single dish is now from RM 8 per plate while the duck drumstick rice is RM 13. If you want duck drumstick with char siew, you need to add RM 8.60. This is how it is and you can slowly read the menu.

sun ming kee restaurant roast duck

The elderly couple who sat with me ordered half duck and I politely asked permission to take photo for their dish. I had a short chat with them about roast duck in Kuala Lumpur as they looks like very serious foodies.

sun ming kee cheras

The roast duck and char siew rice. The roast duck is still good as it comes with tender meat and the taste is still good. The char siew comes with three layers, caramelized not too sweet and it is really good.

sun ming kee roast duck and char siew cheras

The oil rice makes a good complement and same goes with the chili sauce. The photo might not look at its best but the roast duck and char siew is still taste good.

The portion is what you see and what you get and it is still worth the hassle of queuing up and finding the parking.  

sun ming kee roast duck and char siew

Will I come back again? Most likely for their roast duck drumstick if I can beat the queue and find a parking space. This is the Sun Ming Kee Restaurant and Menu prices 2022. Simple food but it is good!

Sun Ming Kee Restaurant

Opening Hours:

10 am to 4pm

Address: 137, Jalan Sarjana, Taman Connaught, 56000 Cheras, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

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