November 29, 2023


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Mercat Barcelona Gastrobar Spanish Restaurant Mount Kiara

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Mercat Barcelona Gastrobar Spanish Restaurant Mount Kiara

Are you craving for Spanish cuisine in Kuala Lumpur? It is time to check out Mercat Barcelona Gastrobar, a Spanish Restaurant located at 1 Mount Kiara Mall. We visited the restaurant twice and so far the food is consistently good and that is the reason why we share this review.

mercat barcelona gastrobar

We recently went to Mercat Barcelona Gastrobar Spanish Restaurant Mount Kiara for their Weekend Brunch. Please do take note that their Weekend Brunch menu changes from month to month.

mercat barcelona gastrobar certified by spanish government

Mercat Barcelon Gastrobar offer modern approach to classic Spanish cuisine, and select only the freshest, finest ingredients for their menu. They are certified by the Spanish government as authentic Spanish restaurant.


If you never been to Barcelona Spain maybe this is the best place to visit for Spanish food. Mercat Barcelona Gastrobar is also popular for their wine and Gin selection.

mercat barcelona gastrobar kl

Weekend Brunch at Mercat Mont Kiara includes Public Holidays, Saturdays and Sundays from 12pm until 3pm.


Set menu at RM95+/pax*
1. Cold cut platter with pan con tomate
2. Tapas (menu changes every month, this is July’s menu)
– Smoked Salmon with Tartar Sauce
– Chickpea, tomato and egg salad
– Chicken Croquetas
3. Paella – squid ink/chicken/vegetarian
4. Churros
*Minimum 2pax per order, free for children under 12 and available pork-free upon request!

mercat barcelona gastrobar Cold cut platter with bread

mercat barcelona gastrobar Cold cut platter with pan con tomate

Cold cut platter with pan is quite common in Spain and Latin America. We loved the cold cut varieties and how it complements with the bread.

mercat barcelona gastrobar Smoked Salmon with Tartar Sauce

Surprisingly, the kids love the smoked salmon with the tartar sauce. Something new for the boys and they enjoyed it.

mercat barcelona gastrobar chickpea

Chickpea, tomato and egg salad is something new for us. We don’t eat chickpea that often but this is still an enjoyable salad.

mercat barcelona gastrobar Chicken Croquetas

For the chicken croquetas, this is deep fried to crusty outer layer while the inside texture is soft. The kids loved this.

mercat barcelona gastrobar black squid paella

For Paella, you will have choice of squid ink, chicken or vegetarian. We highly recommend the squid ink and this is our second time trying this.

mercat gastrobar black squid paella

The paella with squid ink comes with seafood and cream cheese. Even though it looks black but the texture is creamy and the taste is flavourful. Don’t worry about the colour, this taste really good and a must order at Mercat Barcelona Gastobar.

mercat gastrobar churros

Churros comes with the chocolate sauce. Of course the kids loved this as this is soft and crispy and with the chocolate sauce, it is the perfect dessert for them.

mercat barcelona gastrobar shangria gin tonic

For drinks, here are the options:
+100/pax unlimited wine/beer
+150/pax unlimited Gin&Tonic
+250/pax unlimited Cava, Wine, Beer, G&T

We didn’t go all out with the drinks but we Shangria and Gin Tonic for the brunch. If you want to go all the way, you can consider the unlimited option.

mercat barcelona gastrobar 1 mount kiara

To be honest, the cocktails are good and the seafood paella with black rice is really tasty and I highly recommend this if you plan to visit Mercat Barcelona Gastrobar. We had a great family brunch at Mercat Barcelona Gastrobar Spanish Restaurant Mount Kiara and that is a great way to spend quality times together with good food and drinks.

mercat gastrobar places and foods

Make a reservation – +60362117969 or  indicating Brunch in request section.

Mercat Barcelona Gastrobar

Opening Hours: 10.00am to 12.30am (daily)

Location: G – 1, L1-01(T) & G-1(AS) (Level G & 1) Phone Number: 03-6211 7969


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