May 31, 2023

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Sheraton Petaling Jaya Hotel Exclusive Snow Skin Mooncakes 

It is the time of the year again! This time Sheraton Petaling Jaya makes their the debut of their handcrafted Yue Snow Skin Mooncakes infused with  selected TWG teas. If you are looking for exclusive snow skin mooncakes, please read on.

These one-of-a-kind snow skin mooncakes come in four unique flavours, Yue Snow Skin Mooncake infused with TWG  Caravan Tea, TWG Red Chai Tea, TWG Pomme Prestige Tea, and TWG Pink Flamingo Tea. This series of handcrafted  snow skin mooncakes are infused with an array of premium green & black teas from TWG Tea that are sure to satisfy  every palate. Sheraton Petaling Jaya Hotel’s Chinese Cuisine Chef, Chef Lim Huang Hock, or better known as ‘Chef  Ben’, commented, “We are delighted to collaborate with TWG Tea in creating these handcrafted mooncakes that  are the perfect accompaniment for an evening of moon-gazing with family and friends.” 

The Yue Snow Skin Mooncake infused with TWG Caravan Tea is a green tea delight, with hints of sweet mints and  citrus fruits whilst the Yue Snow Skin Mooncake infused with Red Chai Tea features subtle hints of rare and aromatic  Indian spices that is sure to warm your soul. The Yue Snow Skin Mooncake infused with TWG Pomme Prestige Tea features delicate notes of fragrant apples, that will have you lingering for more whereas the Yue Snow Skin  Mooncake infused with TWG Pink Flamingo Tea highlights refreshing flavours, with hints of green tea and crimson  hibiscus.  

These handcrafted mooncakes come encased in a beautifully crafted box adorned with elements of traditional  Chinese design. These boxes come in three distinct styles: Peony Jade, Lilac Blossom, and Premium Turquoise. With  sustainability in mind, these boxes were designed to be upcycled into a chest to store trinkets and small ornaments or displayed as a unique accessory at your home. Aligned with our efforts to further promote sustainability, the Premium Turquoise box is made from vegan leather, which also doubles as a luxurious jewellery box that one will  cherish for years to come. 

Mooncake connoisseurs can also enjoy an enticing selection of classic baked mooncake flavours, which consists of  Pure Lotus Paste, Red Bean Paste, White Lotus Paste with Single Yolk, and Pandan Paste with Single Yolk.  

The mastermind behind the creation of these handcrafted mooncakes, Chef Ben began his culinary career in 1981  and has since achieved great success. Currently serving as the Chinese Cuisine Chef at Sheraton Petaling Jaya Hotel’s  Yue Restaurant, his service at some of the most remarkable local and international properties illustrates his immense  talent and expertise in demonstrating the authentic charm and elegance of Chinese culture and cuisine. Chef Ben  has also received numerous accolades throughout his 41-year culinary career. 

Indulge in these delectable mooncakes with an early bird offer from RM126 nett per box, limited quantities  available. At normal price, for box sets featuring the classic baked mooncakes, the Peony Jade and Lilac Blossom  are priced at RM148nett and the Premium Turquoise at RM168 nett. Whereas, for box sets featuring the unique  snow skin mooncakes, the Peony Jade and Lilac Blossom are priced at RM168nett and the Premium Turquoise at  RM188nett. For a la carte orders, the classic baked mooncakes are sold at RM25nett per piece while snow skin  mooncakes are sold at RM36nett per piece.  

We got ourselves the Lilac Blossom Mooncake boxset and it is a beauty. You can check out our simple unboxing video below.

The boxset is a beauty, the colour is pastel pink while the drawings are very elegant. The handles are well made and it feels really premium and solid. The graphic is not too Oriental and it can be used as decoration box anytime.

The boxset comes with two mini drawers for the snow skin mooncakes. You can take out the mooncakes and the box within drawer for reused.

The Lilac Blossom Mooncake boxset can be reused as jewellery box or simple box to store small items. The boxset is beautiful with its outer layer printing and texture and this is probably one of the best mooncake boxset that is practical to buy and reuse we have seen for years.

Remember, you can select debit/credit cardholders can enjoy up to 10% discount, with a minimum purchase of two mooncake box  sets. All the mooncake box sets include a complimentary RM100 voucher for selected Food & Beverage venues at Sheraton Petaling Jaya Hotel while the snow skin mooncake box sets come with the addition of 5 complimentary  sachets of selected TWG teas. *Terms and conditions apply.  

Those looking to purchase the mooncake box sets in bulk, may contact 017-228 6098 for further information. 

To browse through their mooncake selections or to make a purchase, visit our online store For enquiries, please contact 03-7622 8888, 017-228 6098 or email  [email protected].

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