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The Vee by Teochew Kitchen Private Dining Sri Petaling

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The Vee by Teochew Kitchen Private Dining Sri Petaling

Teochew Kitchen has been offering authentic Teochew cuisine for decades in Sri Petaling KL. This year, they revamped the restaurant to private dining experience with a new name. It is called The Vee by Teochew and they are not a private dining restaurant in Sri Petaling.

The Vee by Teochew Kitchen is located at 41, Jalan Radin Bagus, Bandar Baru Sri Petaling. This is a busy road with lots of food and limited parking, however you can always park at the multi level parking and take a brisk walk to this restaurant.

Comfortable ambiance for dining

When you walk into the restaurant, you will greeted by simple and clean interior. The set up is more to a Western style dining than the Asian style dining.

The Gin bar with 66 gin and Artic Blue Gin

The Vee by Teochew Kitchen is not your ordinary Teochew restaurant. They not just offers private dining but a Gin bar. For now, they offer 66 types of Gin and you can the Finland’s Artic Blue Gin here.

Artic Blue Gin

This is the only place in KL, you can taste or purchase the Artic Blue Gin and you won’t regret it.

For their food, they offers Teochew fusion food with a unique twist. We had eight dishes and most of them are better than we expected. We ordered Fried Porridge, Signature Garlic Seared Black Promfret, Teochew Pineapple Prawns, Braised & Seared US Collar Ribs, Rice wine Choysum, Jou Jou Chicken, Salt Pepa Porky Skin, Kiamchye Croissant and Fresh Broiled Octopus with Superior Soy Sauce.

Fried porridge is the first for us and it comes with pork and you can also order with chicken or seafood. From what we understand, they cook the porridge and then fried it to offer more ‘wok hei’.

Fried porridge

The end results is the porridge comes with more solid texture (in between rice and porridge), the taste is flavourful with ‘wok hei’ and this is good. We finished the entire bowl of fried porridge within minutes. Once you start, you can stop especially with the extra flavours from the spring onion, fried garlic and ginger. This is a must order if you come to The Vee by Teochew Kitchen.

Signature Garlic Seared Black Promfret is next and we love the presentation. The crisp on top is the crispy fried garlic with their special soy sauce.

Signature Garlic Seared Black Promfret

The black promfret is very crispy in texture and the taste is good on its own and you can add on the soy sauce for flavor. This is another savoury dish and we bet the kids will love this. Don’t forget to squeeze the lime for the extra acidic taste. This Signature Garlic Seared Black Promfret is a must order!

Teochew Pineapple Prawns

Teochew Pineapple Prawns comes with prawn skewers sticking onto the pineapple. The prawns are deep fried and lightly glazed with the pineapple sauce. This crispy prawn is sweet and remember to complement with the sweet pineapple cubes.

Braised & Seared US Pork Collar Ribs

Braised & Seared US Pork Collar Ribs taste familiar as they use the braised pork sauce. You might tasted the braised pork trotter but we bet you never tasted it with the pork collar ribs. This comes with two fried ‘mantao’.

Baby octopus cooked with Superior Broth.

Baby octopus cooked with Superior Broth. The octopus is cooked to perfection as the texture is spot on. It comes with their special Teochew sauce as well as their Teochew chili sauce. This bite size baby octopus is delicious.

Jou Jou Chicken

Jou Jou Chicken is their all time best seller. This is their stir fried chicken with apple cider sauce. The chicken is marinated with apple cider and then stir fried again with the sauce. The chicken is crispy and the taste is sweet and the kids will love this. Why this is the best seller as the meat is tender with crispy outer layer and the apple cider is sweet and this makes this addictive.

Salt pepa porky skin is a simple dish. The hard part is the process of making the cracking pork skin from scratch. Instead of getting it from a third party, making the crackling pork skin takes days. The process of making sure the skin is clean, boiled and deep fried.

Salt Pepa Porky Skin

Every bite is crackling and this is so satisfying. With the hints of the taste of salt and pepper, you can always complement this with Artic Blue Gin at the bar all night long.

Kiamchye Croissant

Kiamchye Croissant is a unique twist for the usual salted vegetable dish. Kiamchye simply means the salted vegetables. Making salted vegetable as part of the croissant is smart and yet tasty. The vegetable with hints of minced pork is not too salty and you can get the fragrant of the vinegar and butter after taste. A smart way of having the salted vegetables.

Rice wine Choysum

Lastly, is the Rice wine Choysum. We seldom take much greens but this is not your ordinary choysum. This choysum is cooked and infused with Chinese yellow wine and sake. That is the reason why the first spoon of this will surprise you.

Gavin from Artic Blue Gin

We took a few glasses of the Artic Blue Gin. This is our first time trying the Finland gin and it is really smooth and good. We tried a couple of different type of Gin out there but you can actually drink this Artic Blue Gin neat on the rocks and the taste differs once you added soda. We highly recommended Gin lover to try this Artic Blue Gin when you are there!

Overall, we loved the food at The Vee by Teochew Kitchen, the Private Dining Sri Petaling. We never knew Teochew food is so flavourful and interesting. On top of that, their food prices are reasonable and affordable despite being a private dining restaurant. To be honest, we are planning to revisit this restaurant again in the future to check out some of the food that we missed. The Vee by Teochew Kitchen Private Dining is definitely the hidden gem of Sri Petaling.

The Vee by Teochew Kitchen

Opening Hours: 11 am until 11pm

Address: 41, Jalan Radin Bagus, Bandar Baru Sri Petaling, 57000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan

Phone: 019-342 102

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