February 2, 2023

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2 Gor Restaurant Taman Permai Semenyih

This is 2 Gor Restaurant Taman Permai Semenyih and it is a Chinese restaurant. As you know, we love Chinese food and we will go to different restaurants to try out their food. Thus, we will be posting a number of Chinese restaurants at Semenyih and Kajang area in upcoming weeks.  

This is a rather unique find. The restaurant is kopitiam style and it is located at Lrg Kenanga 1/1, Taman Permai, Semenyih. Google Map at below.

It is open air style restaurant and there are like 6 -8 tables available. They smartly showcased their signature dishes on the wall so you can choose what you like to order.

2 Gor Restaurant opened for over 10 years at Taman Permai Semenyih. The owner was a chef at various hotels locally and internationally as we were told.

There are over a dozen of unique food here and we are surprised that you can find these in a neighbourhood kopitiam style restaurant.

We ordered Charcoal Tofu with Crab Sauce, Chilled Sweet and Sour Pork with Ice, Two Styles Kailan, Two Styles Fish with Steamed Egg, Pei Pa Duck and Golden Sand Salted Egg Prawns.

BlackTofu with Crab Sauce. Originally it comes with their homemade tofu but we chose the black tofu as it is their signature.

How they make the tofu black is by infusing it with Japanese bamboo charcoal. The sauce is Chinese style crab sauce with fake shark fin. The sauce itself is fragrant, not too starchy with hints of Chinese wine.

The black tofu is soft but the taste is rather strange to our taste palate. The texture is similar pudding while the taste is similar to ‘taufufar’ with hardened texture. There are probably hints of the bamboo charcoal but it is minimal.

Chilled Sweet and Sour Pork with Ice. This is our second time having sweet and sour pork with ice. The first time is at Old Man Restaurant (now closed) and this is our second time.

The first time we know about this dish is from the Hong Kong movie ‘The Chinese Feast’ and it was more for gimmick or show.

The sweet and sour pork comes with great texture, it is chilled due to the ice and there are no sauce. The most important part is the kids loved it. This is something unique than your usual sweet and sour pork.

Two Styles Kailan is deep fried and stir fried kalian. The leaves will be cut into smaller pieces and deep fried to crispiness while the other part is stir fried. What we like about their two styles kalian is they add fried meat floss for the additional taste and texture.

Two Styles Fish with Steamed Egg is their signature. It looks really glorious with that 1.6kg fish. These comes with fried fish bones and steamed fish fillet on steamed egg and soy sauce.

This is fei chau fish or tilapia fish. The steamed fish fillet is delicious and you can take your time with the fried fish. A little advice, please eat this when it is served warm.

Pei Pa Duck is crispy roasted duck with two sauces, the sweet sauce and the plum sauce. This is homemade and not sourced from outside. We ordered half bird and it is not too bad. Crispy skin and the taste is decent.

Golden Sand Salted Egg Prawns. The food plating here is pretty good like a premium Chinese restaurant. The golden sand salted egg prawns comes with generous amount of crispy egg floss while the prawns are deep fried to crispiness and coated with a layer of salted egg.

The prawns are fresh with good texture, love the salted egg coating as well as the egg floss.

Overall, the food here is pretty good and the total bill comes to RM 281. What we like about the food here is the uniqueness, their presentation and the taste. However, they couldn’t estimate the portion and we have to take away some of the food. We felt that the fish is too big for us and same goes to the prawns. Price wise it is not cheap or not expensive, it is average pricing. The food quality is better than the restaurant looks. There are many other unique food in this restaurant and we will come back again for more.

2 Gor Restaurant Taman Permai Semenyih

Opening Hours: Lunch and dinner time (Closed on Wednesdays)

Address: Lrg Kenanga 1/1, Taman Permai, 43500 Semenyih, Selangor

Phone: 012-644 9890

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