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Betong Skywalk Sea Of Clouds 2022

These are the latest photos of Betong Thailand Skywalk Sea Of Clouds or Ayerweng taken in this month, September 2022. The photos are taken by my parents who went to Betong Thailand this month.

betong skywalk 2022

My parents have been driving around Thailand for the past couple of years and furthest they went is to Chiang Rai and Mae Hon Song. They usually spent at least one week or more driving from Kuala Lumpur to various parts of Thailand with their friends. Recently, they drove to Betong and all the way up to Khao Lak.

For those who are not familiar with Betong. Betong is the border town in the province of Yala and it is cooling like Cameron Highlands at certain times of the year.

betong skywalk thailand sea of clouds

Many travelers visit Betong for food, shopping and relax including our parents. On top of that, there are durian season during the middle of the year and you can check that out too in the future.

betong skywalk 2022 thailand

For those who are familiar with Betong, they should have visited Iyerweng, the sea of clouds. It is around less than an hour drive from the town depending on the traffic and crowds.

Iyerweng was really crowded as we went there few years ago and most of the people there are locals and not tourists.

betong skywalk thailand 2022 september

During the pandemic, the local government built the Skywalk and it is the longest in ASEAN.

My parents and their friends hired a tuk tuk for 2000 Baht which includes picking up from their hotel to Betong Skywalk and back. They have to leave the hotel at 4 am and reach the mountains around 5 am.

betong sea of clouds 2022

There are new rules that cars are not allowed to go up and hence you need to switch to local tuktuks to prevent traffic jam. That is the main reason my parents hired tuktuk from the town to the Betong Skywalk.

betong skywalk 2022 complex

The sea of clouds are not there all the time but most of the time. It depends on the weather and bit of luck.

betong skywalk 2022 packed

Go there early to the skywalk to avoid the crowd. There is a small entrance fees but it is worth the trip.

betong skywalk 2022 places and foods

Thank you for our parents who took the photos as we are busy with our family at home. This is Betong Skywalk Sea Of Clouds 2022. Read all our stories on Thailand at https://www.placesandfoods.com/category/thailand

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