October 2, 2023


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KLIA Fei Lou Wantan Mee

KLIA Fei Lou Wantan Mee is a popular place as recommended by many friends. This is probably the place near KLIA and KLIA 2 to get a decent wantan mee without breaking the bank. The location of KLIA Fei Lou Wantan Mee is at Downtown KLIA.

klia fei lou wantan mee

For Grab drivers, Taxi Drivers, Airport and Flight employees, they sure know about Downtown KLIA. It is a food space with lots of restaurants located in between KLIA and KLIA 2, hidden from the main highway. Scroll down to check out the Google Map.

The restaurant located at the last row of Downtown KLIA and you can easily spot the huge signage of ‘KLIA Fei Lou Wantan Mee’.

klia fei lou wonton mee

I went there for food as I went to pick up my family from KLIA. It was for breakfast on weekend and the KLIA Fei Lou Wantan Mee was already packed.

klia fei lou wantan mee review

I ordered the wantan mee with char siew and siew yoke. Strangely, this wantan mee comes with ‘taugeh’ / beansprout.

klia fei lou wantan mee char siew

The noodles are not too bad, the taste is pretty decent while the char siew and siew yoke comes with good texture. Char siew and siew yoke is pretty good, portion is good while the pricing is still reasonable.

klia fei lou wonton

Wantan on the other hand and it is pretty ‘standard’ comes with minced pork inside, nothing to shout about.

klia fei lou wantan mee char siew siew yuk

KLIA Fei Lou Wantan Mee is definitely comfort food, something you can have it with decent pricing at this part of Selangor. If you are picking someone at the airport early, you want some comfort food, go make a trip to KLIA Fei Lou Wantan Mee.

KLIA Fei Lou Wantan Mee

Opening Hours: 0600 – 1500 Daily

Address: Downtown KLIA, 64000 Sepang, Selangor.

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