May 28, 2023

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Malaysia Airlines: The Malaysian Hospitality

We have blogged about Malaysia Airlines from time to time over the years. Malaysia Airlines is the national carrier of Malaysia, offering the best way to fly to, from and around Malaysia. Now, Malaysia Airlines carries up to 40,000 guests daily on memorable journeys inspired by Malaysia’s diverse richness. Malaysia Airlines embodies the incredible diversity of Malaysia, capturing its rich traditions, cultures and cuisines via its inimitable Malaysian Hospitality across all customer touch points.

What is Malaysian Hospitality?​

Malaysian Hospitality is more than a service. It is an experience of our country and what defines them as an airline. ​ From the moment you step on board and throughout your in-flight journey, the genuine smiles, warmth and sincerity of the cabin crew is what all guests can look forward to.

History of Malaysian Hospitality brand films:​

MH 1.0 – ‘Malaysian Hospitality Begins with Us’; was to reignite the promise of ‘Malaysian Hospitality’. Launched in May 2018, it was about people’s first experience of Malaysian Hospitality the moment they step on board a flight. It’s about representing the rich heritage of Malaysia and sharing it with the world. And instilling the belief that defines us as Malaysians on how we ought to treat every passenger and visitor like a guest in our own home.​

MH 1.0 Brand Film:​ 

In May 2019, Malaysia Airlines launched MH 2.0 – ‘We call it Malaysian Hospitality’; which was about how employees treat one another with Malaysian Hospitality within the aviation our group and how it is extended to customers. It’s about kindness passed from one person to another through small gestures, regardless of our differences.​

MH 2.0 Brand Film:​

And now, MH 3.0 – ‘This is Malaysian Hospitality’; is about how Malaysian Hospitality defines us more than just the airline but as a nation. It is innate in us, coming from our “Malaysian” heritage and traditions. It is ingrained in us and comes naturally even when no one is watching. Hospitality that all Malaysians ought to demonstrate to everyone we meet and pass on to the generations to come. And why we are proud to be Malaysians.​

MH 3.0 Brand Film: ​

Malaysia Airlines: The Malaysian Hospitality Experience

Personally, I flew with Malaysia Airlines countless times to local destinations in Malaysia and to as far as Buenos Aires, Argentina. I had countless Malaysian Hospitality experiences with Malaysia Airlines for decades. 

My first Malaysian Hospitality “experience” was with Malaysia Airlines in 1992. I was a teenager back then, taking a shuttle flight from Singapore to Subang Airport. That was my first flight with Malaysia Airlines and I was seated at the back of the plane. Being a teenager and on a flight by myself, I was a bit frightened but I was welcomed by the cabin crew who showed me true Malaysian Hospitality. I was met with genuine smiles and the warm welcome from the cabin crew and we chit chat for the entire flight to make sure that I wasn’t nervous flying alone. That was a memorable experience that I remember until today. 

During my university days, I will choose to fly with Malaysia Airlines over other airlines to Australia. It is an easy choice as it offers more genuine service, good food as well as hospitality.

Moving forward to 2015, my son had his first Malaysian Hospitality experience as our family flew to Taipei on Malaysia Airlines Business Class. It was his first flight and he enjoyed every part of it. 

We requested for the front seats as there is bassinet for my boy. Since it was his first time flying on an airplane, we worried he might be uncomfortable for long hour flight to Taipei. At the end, he enjoyed the flight as he loved the food as well as the inflight entertainment. 

In my opinion, Malaysia Airlines and the Malaysian Hospitality experience started a long time ago even before the campaign. From the genuine warm welcome of the cabin crew, the onboard Malaysian food and finally the pilot announcement of ‘Welcome home to Malaysia’, the experience and the feeling was surreal, you can’t get this feeling with other airlines, this is true Malaysian Hospitality.

Lastly, what I love most about Malaysia Airlines are the punctuality, the service and the food. We are looking forward to flying with Malaysia Airlines in the future domestically and Internationally. 

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About Malaysia Airlines

Since September 2015, the airline has been owned and operated by Malaysia Airlines Berhad. It is part of Malaysia Aviation Group (MAG), a global aviation organization that comprises different aviation business portfolios aimed at serving Malaysian air travel needs. As a member of the oneworld Alliance, Malaysia Airlines offers superior connectivity with seamless journeys to as many as 1,000 destinations.

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