March 27, 2023

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Malaysians Can Travel to Japan by 11 October 2022 <UPDATED 15 October 2022>

There are requests for me to write about this mainly by my followers and friends. The big announcement is Malaysians Can Travel to Japan by 11 October 2022 without any VISA applications.

The main reason we are posting this story this late as we are gathering all the information from official websites as announcements are made from time to time.

Firstly, this is not a sponsored post. For those who followed our blog, most of my travels to Japan are by my own while some are sponsored. We used to visit Japan annually on our own before the pandemic.

There are things that happened during pandemic, Japan closed their International borders and visa were required for special cases.

From 11 October 2022, Malaysians do not required visa as our country is listed as one of the countries under the ‘Blue’ Group. Other Asian countries in ‘Blue’ Group includes Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Philippines, Republic of Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Timor-Leste, Nepal and Brunei.


For those who are entering Japan from Malaysia, on-arrival test, home quarantine and other measures are not required regardless of the vaccination status.
From 12:00AM 7th September, 2022, travelers from Malaysia with 3 doses of vaccine approved by the Japanese Government do not need to provide the 72 hour negative PCR certificate.
Note: Pre departure PCR test taken within 72 hours is still required if your vaccine type/vaccine certificate is not recognized by the Japanese Government. Please refer to this link to check whether your vaccine type/certificate is recognized by the Japanese Government.

Pre departure PCR test taken within 72 hours is still required if your vaccination is SINOVAC. I had SINOVAC vaccination for three doses and this means I have to take the pre-departure PCR test with negative results within 72 hours of your flight to visit Japan.


‘Rules are rules’ and we shall respect that. This is same when we went to Thailand and took all the necessary PCR tests and Insurance as we have to respect their rules of entry. This is the most important rule when you travel abroad, you need to respect and obey their rules and laws.

Other than that, we always advised Malaysians traveling to Japan to print out all your itinerary and hotel bookings. Remember, Japan immigration has the right to object your visit if they think you are not going to Japan for holiday.

Lastly, please take note that the flight tickets from Malaysia to Japan is not cheap right now. Direct flights are from RM 3,000 and above to any destinations in Japan. Remember that COVID 19 cases in Japan are still on 40k cases per day. Always buy your travel insurance and COVID insurance if you can, protect yourself and travel safe. It is official, Malaysians Can Travel to Japan by 11 October 2022.

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