April 19, 2024


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Gleaneagle Hospital Offers Special Menu for Patients by Chef Dato Fazley Yaakob

This is something new for hospitals in Malaysia. The IHH Healthcare Malaysia has collaborated with Chef Dato’ Fazley Yaakob to launch a new menu at its network of 16 hospitals comprising Gleneagles Hospitals, Pantai Hospitals and Prince Court Medical Centre. This means Gleaneagle Hospital Offers Special Menu for Patients by Chef Dato Fazley Yaakob.

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Chef Dato Fazley Yaakob is a popular celebrity chef and he is well known for his local and fusion food. We were lucky enough to taste his food in the past and it is top notch in presentation and taste. This time, Chef Dato Fazley Yaakob will offer new menu feature dishes which has been curated exclusively by him. These centered around comfort and nutritious food includes nasi dulang, smoked chicken papeterie encased with tricolour tomato soup and basil leaves, smoked garlic croissant and smoked chicken turmeric cream éclair sandwich.

Nasi Dulang Pantai (1)
Nasi Dulang Pantai

Other Malaysian favourites have also been introduced to the hospitals’ menu such as pasta ayam salai lemak cili api, pan mee with meat egg rolls, soup ala Doraisamy with roti bakar and salted butter, laksa Negeri Sembilan and mee Tuaran. Imagine having all these scrumptious food as part of the ‘hospital food’ at Gleneagle Hospital.

smoked chicken turmeric cream éclair sandwich. (1)
Smoked chicken turmeric cream éclair sandwich

Jean-François Naa, Chief Executive Officer of IHH Healthcare Malaysia, said, “The move to introduce this exciting new menu is to provide an extra touch of comfort to our patients while enhancing their overall hospital experience. Good food does not only assist in the recovery process – it also uplifts one’s spirits and helps with their mental and emotional wellbeing.”

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“We also want to challenge the perception of ‘hospital food’ by offering a selection of meals that are flavoursome yet full of nutrients. Patients can look forward to a new menu that has been carefully crafted based on their feedback while fulfilling their dietary requirements.”

As part of IHH Healthcare’s aspiration to Care. For Good., IHH Healthcare Malaysia has ensured that almost all of the ingredients used in the preparation of their dining options are sourced locally, to ensure that the items remain at their optimum level of freshness while reducing the organisation’s carbon footprint.

Smoked Chicken Papeterie Encased (1)
Smoked Chicken Papeterie Encased.

Chef Dato’ Fazley said, “The dishes are inspired by meals that Malaysians used to enjoy back in the day. I wanted to ensure that patients across IHH Healthcare Malaysia hospitals would feel an element of ‘home’ in their food but with a touch of modernity.”

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“The dishes are low in calories, sugar, salt and even oil. Certain fresh ingredients have been purposefully selected for its high amounts of antioxidants. All of these are factored to ensure that patients recover as well and as quickly as they can.”

The new dishes will be prepared by in-house chefs across all 16 IHH Healthcare Malaysia hospitals, who have been trained by Chef Dato’ Fazley. Each hospital brand will feature a different menu for their patients.

We believe this is a game changer as Gleaneagle Hospital Offers Special Menu for Patients by Chef Dato Fazley Yaakob. ‘Hospital food’ now is more delightful, tasty and yet nutritious. This is the vision of the IHH Healthcare Malaysia as well as Gleneagle Hospital to offer patients a great meal with the return of a smile after meal.

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