January 31, 2023

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How to Apply Australia ETA for Malaysians

Since I got back from Melbourne Australia, I received enquiries on How to Apply Australia ETA for Malaysians. Apply Australia ETA for Malaysians are not as easy as it used to be due to abuse of tourist visas.

Applying Australia ETA for Malaysians are actually easy but please take note that it will take up to four weeks in advance if there are issues on your applications.

Let share the official information about Australia ETA for Malaysians and please read until the end. Due to securities issues, I can’t print screen and show everyone how to apply the Australia ETA but comment if you have any enquiries.

Source: https://www.sbs.com.au/

About Australia ETAs

You need a visa to travel to Australia unless you are an Australian citizen.

An Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) is an electronically stored authority equivalent to a visa, which is linked to a passport number.  If your passport has changed, you will need to apply for a new ETA.

The ETA allows eligible passport holders to visit Australia for tourism or business visitor activity. The ETA allows eligible non-citizens to  travel as many times as you want, for up to one year (or life of the passport – whichever is shorter), and stay up to three months for each visit, provided you are pursuing tourism or business visitor activity.

ETAs are for short term tourism or business visitor activity. They are not designed to allow repeated extended stays in Australia for other purposes. Persons wishing to spend longer periods in Australia may wish to consider applying for a Visitor visa (subclass 600) or an alternative visa. ETA holders spending long periods in Australia amounting to de facto residence risk having their visa cancelled and being refused entry to Australia. Work in Australia is also not permitted on an ETA.

We recommend that you do not finalise travel arrangements or commitments until you have received advice that you have been granted a visa.

Important information to note

Apply early – at least 4 weeks in advance

Some applicants for an ETA may be asked to provide further information.

Therefore you must apply early and well before the intended date of travel – at least 4 weeks in advance.

If you are asked to provide further information, you must provide this to us as soon as possible following the instructions below. Do not delay.

  • Do not finalise travel commitments until advised of a visa grant.
  • If you have made travel arrangements but have not received a visa, you will need to rearrange your booking.
  • Due to the number of applications received, we cannot provide processing updates when applications have been lodged with insufficient time for processing.
  • We cannot expedite processing for cases unless for compelling emergency reasons (pre-arranged travel is not a compelling reason and we are unable to respond to these requests).

Lodge Australia ETA Application

We recommend that you lodge a visa application early – at least 4 weeks in advance. 

To lodge an application the Australian ETA app is the only available channel to apply for an ETA:  Subclass 601 Electronic Travel Authority (homeaffairs.gov.au).

You must lodge your ETA using the Australian ETA app

Each applicant for an ETA must apply using the app. If you need to lodge a new application, you must use the Australian ETA app to apply again.

If you have not received your ETA notification, check your emails (including your junk mail / spam folders) for an email from us.  You may need to wait up to 12 hours after applying to receive your notification. You can also confirm if your application has been approved by checking your visa status through the AustralianETA app (if you applied through the app) or by using the Check an ETA function.

Steps for completing an ETA application

  1. Submit the ETA application using the Australian ETA app. You must lodge your ETA using the Australian ETA app.
  2. Wait for a notification. If you have not received your ETA notification, check your emails (including your junk mail / spam folders) for an email from us.  You may need to wait up to 12 hours after applying to receive your notification.
  3. If you receive a letter by email requesting further information, click on the link in the letter “submit an online form through ImmiAccount”.
  4. Log in or create your ImmiAccount (if you do not already have one).
  5. Follow the steps to complete your ETA application by clicking the “next” button.
  6. Attach Form 1554: ETA request for further processing and your supporting documents in ImmiAccount.

Based on my experience and other travellers who applied the Australia ETA, you are most likely subject for more information by the application.

Remember, Australia ETA is only A$ 20 for service fees and there are NO MORE FEES involved. Based on my experience, I received the email from Australia ETA for more information.

If that happens, don’t worry it is normal. Use the link contained at the attachments and complete the ETA form online in ImmiAccount and attach all requested documents.

Please don’t skip any documents as you will get rejected and need resubmit again and that will makes your Australia ETA application period longer.

Here are some tips on getting the Australia ETA fast. Make sure you have all the required documents and your bank account has more than RM 30,000.

The entire Australia ETA online process took me almost 30 mins and I received the Australia ETA within one week (around 3 working days). If your Australia ETA is rejected, make sure you resubmit again with the proper documents.

If you follow through the instructions above, you will have no trouble getting your Australia ETA.

Please do take note that you will be subjected for enquiries when you reach Australia Immigration. Make sure you print your Australia ETA and your itinerary just in case they ask you. If the Australia Immigration found that you have other reasons than traveling, your Australia ETA visa could be cancelled and you will be on your next flight back to Malaysia.

This is How to Apply Australia ETA for Malaysians and please do comment if you have any enquiries. I don’t work for Tourism Australia, Australian Embassy or Australia ETA, this article is just to help. Safe travels to Australia!

Source: https://malaysia.highcommission.gov.au/klpr/ETA.html

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