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My First Time Visiting 2 Michelin Star Restaurant

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My First Time Visiting 2 Michelin Star Restaurant

After years of finding some Michelin Star restaurants across Asia, I finally visited 2 Michelin Star Restaurant. This is My First Time Visiting 2 Michelin Star Restaurant and it is in Bangkok. The restaurant is R-Haan and it is still 2 Michelin Star Restaurant for Michelin Guide 2022-2023.

rhaan bangkok places and foods

‘R-Haan’ means ‘something consumed for sustenance’, but the truth is that the restaurant offers far more than eating just for survival. According to their website, the roots of R-Haan can be derived from an old Thai proverb, ‘‘Nai nam mee pla, nai na mee kao” (“There is fish in the water and rice in the fields.”) The proverb speaks to the fact that Thailand has an abundance of incredible ingredients and food sources.

Hidden in one of the bungalow houses in Thonglor, R-Haan is one of the best restaurants in Thailand. I visited this 2 Michelin Star restaurant with my friends as we ordered the Wisdom Symphony of Sustainable Samrub Menu.

Please take note R-Haan are open for dinners only from 6pm, reservation is highly recommended as they are one of the few 2 Michelin Star Restaurants in Bangkok and Thailand.

rhaan bangkok menu 2022

The Wisdom Symphony of Sustainable Samrub Menu which is 3812++ Baht per pax and this is the menu for 2022 and this is created by Chef Chumpol.

Chef Chumpol uses the same spices and ingredients found in the original recipes for every single dish. A recreation of authentic Thai food based on the essence and knowledge of Thai culture and Thai people.

What to expect in 2 Michelin Star Restaurant, the whole journey of stepping in, getting seated and the whole food experience as explained by the waiter / waitress.

When I mention it’s a journey, I do mean it and read slowly until the end as I showed the full course of R-Haan Wisdom Symphony of Sustainable Samrub Menu.

Since I didn’t review every single dish, let me elaborate some of the highlights.

Amuse Bouche

‘Sai Ua’ Northern Thai Pork Sausage Topped with Green Chili Dip

Rice Cracker topped with Mixed Homemade 18 Months Fermented Fish, Parmesan and Mozarella Cheese.

Chinese Chives Crepe Stuffed with Stir Fried Rice Noodle with Crab Meat

Grilled Betong Chicken with Gorlae Sauce

Fish Cake with Three Flavours Sphere

rhaan bangkok map of thailand

The amuse bouche that consist of the Thailand map is clever and I love the idea how they use the local produce to create this dish. Saying that, every single bite size amuse bouche offers different type of texture and taste.


Pak Waan Jelly topped with Mixed Pak Waan, Avocado and Ant Egg Salad with Thai Spicy Caviar Sauce.

rhaan bangkok Pak Waan Jelly

Pak Wan leaves and avocado made into a custard like jelly topped with red ant eggs (a delicacy from Nakhon Ratchasima Province in Central Thailand).


Thai Golden Crisp Roll Stuffed with Mixed Coconut Cream and Water Chestnut Topped with Caviar served with smoked coconut in glass.

The caviar came from the Royal Project Special selection.

Andaman Seafood (mostly pulled crab meat) Croquette.

Watermelon Stuffed with Caviar Salad Sauce served on a base of crushed Sweet Dried Fish and Crispy Shallot.

rhaan bangkok appetizer

Appetizer Two

Duck Egg Yolk with Paloh Sauce and Rice Berry Sponge Cake.

Coconut & Galangal Cream “Cappuccino” with Squid Ink.

The presentation of the Appetizer is on another level. Both appetizer are very well presented and they taste good too. This represents a lot of what the chef wants to achieve in beautifying the dishes and it feels so hard to eat it because they are too beautiful.

rhaan bangkok duck egg


Sweet Tamarind Sorbet palate cleanser (to prepare us for the mains which I will share in my next post on R-Haan).

The sorbet is another showcase of presentation. I love how they make the smoke to makes the sorbet more mysterious.

rhaan bangkok Sweet Tamarind Sorbet


River Prawn Tom Yum Soup

Wagyu Hot and Spicy Soup

rhaan bangkok tomyam prawn
River Prawn Tom Yum Soup
rhaan bangkok wagyu hot spicy soup
Wagyu Hot and Spicy Soup

For the main, the tom yum soup and the hot and spicy soup are cooked with special made glass cylinders. For once, I thought I went into Science Class. What happened here is they boiled the soup and when it boils, the soup will goes up to the upper cylinder and briefly cooked the vegetables and herbs.

Then soup will comes down again and it is ready to serve. The soup is lightly flavoured but the way of cooking it is really impressive.

Crab Roe Chili Dip Served with Fried Squid Tentacles

Crab Dip Served with Salted Egg

Thai Wagyu Ancient Cassia Bitter Curry

Organic Duck Breast Red Curry with Lychee

Steamed New Crop Jasmine Rice

rhaan bangkok thai wagyu curry
Thai Wagyu Ancient Cassia Bitter Curry

rhaan bangkok duck curry
Organic Duck Breast Red Curry with Lychee
rhaan bangkok crab roe chilli with squid
Crab Roe Chili Dip Served with Fried Squid Tentacles
rhaan bangkok crab duck egg
Crab Dip Served with Salted Egg


Mango Sticky Rice / Coconut Milk Ice Cream

Mango Parfait / Steamed Cassava with Coconut

Steamed Taro Cake with Fresh Coconut / Toddy Palm Ice Cream

MuskMelon with Sweet Coconut Milk / Kanom Nam Dok Kularb

Petit four

Dara Thong, Thong Compu Nuch, Steamed Banana Cake, Chocolate Truffle

rhaan bangkok petit four

Dining at R-Haan is a memorable food journey across Thailand. What you can experience is how the chef interpret the food through his technique and skills in cooking and presentation. Some of the simple dishes are cooked with different ways so it can brings out more flavours and taste that you can’t imagine.

rhaan bangkok soup

Since I paid more for 1 star Michelin in Phuket, I can say My First Time Visiting 2 Michelin Star Restaurant at R-Haan is worth it. The experience, the service, the food and the taste is simply worth the visit. You can make reservations at Phone: +66 95 141 5524 or Reservations:

R-Haan Bangkok

Address: 131 Thonglor Rd Thonglor Soi9, Khlong Tan Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand

Phone: +66 95 141 5524


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