March 29, 2023

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This Restaurant Offers Server RM 3450 per month with Allowances

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This Restaurant Offers Server RM 3450 per month with Allowances

For the past two years, my restaurant owner friends have been complaining about the lack of server in Kuala Lumpur. The pandemic puts a halt for foreign workers and many local workers quit their job for other work. For that reason, restaurants are offering server (waiter or waitress) a salary of RM 3450 with allowances.

This is not a sponsored post but something that is rather interesting to share to our readers. If I am not wrong, a fresh uni grad can is asking around RM 2,500 per month to RM 3,200 per month. However, a server now can make more than a fresh uni grad and that is how things are slowly changing in the food and hospitality line.

Din by Din Tai Fung is offering Server RM 3,450 as basic salary with attendance bonus, EPF and housing allowances based on their terms. On top of that, there are benefits like annual bonus, overtime, free staff meal, uniform, medical and staff discounts. Come on, this sounds so good to be true!

Even for part timer, they are paying RM 12 – 15 per hour with EPF. I still remember I am making around RM 3 – 4 per hour during my teenage years!

In case if you are wondering why food in restaurants are so expensive right now, please remember of the high monthly rental, high food cost and now high salary / wages for working staffs like server and chef.

Honestly speaking, will you take the offer if Restaurant Offers Server RM 3,450 per month with Allowances?

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