July 21, 2024


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Traveled to 22 Countries and Almost 7 Continents

Hey it is 2023 and it is the right time to talk about traveling again. After two years of lockdown, it is time to travel for passion again. I start traveling when I was in my 30s and so far I have traveled to 22 countries and almost 7 continents, read on as I explain further.


I didn’t believe traveling is possible as it is something very expensive. Thus when I started this travel blog, I find ways to travel cheap. From traveling local first and then to ASEAN countries. To be honest, the cheap airfare from AirAsia back then really helped my travels especially to ASEAN countries.

new york
New York for work trip

I didn’t have a high pay job so I had to save up to travel like most people. I was lucky enough to travel to some places due to my previous work especially to Americas.

St Joseph’s Cathedral Hanoi Overview
Hanoi for the first time

However, most other trips are from my own pocket and it was traveling for passion back then. Some of the early travels are mostly budget travel which includes our (with Rachel) trip to China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Japan, Hong Kong and Macau. Those budget trips are with flying AirAsia and AirAsia X and some with travel packages with hotels.

Moving forward to 2023, it is really difficult for me to travel freely like I used to be. Let’s be honest, being parents at this time means a lot of responsibility but I just hope to I can travel to more countries whenever I can for the upcoming years. Never wait for travel as you never know what will happen in the future.

Patagonia, Argentina

Here are the list of the countries I travelled:

1. Argentina

2. Chile

3. South Africa

4. UEA

5. UK

6. Spain

7. USA

8. France

9. Australia

10. China

11. Japan

12. Taiwan

13. Hong Kong

14. South Korea

15. Macau

16. Indonesia

17. Thailand

18. Singapore

19. Laos

20. Malaysia

21. Cambodia

22. Vietnam

I travelled to 6 continents which include North America, South America, Africa, Europe, Asia and Australia. Thus, I almost travelled to the seventh continent but I was short of US$5000 for the cruise to Antarctica. I was at the southernmost city in the world, Ushuaia and I was short of that money to board the 11 days cruise back then. It was so close and yet so far and I might be able to do it again one day.

clipper adventurer
US$ 5k short of boarding Clipper Adventurer to Antarctica

Traveling to 22 countries is no big deal as I know many friends travelled over 40 countries and some over 60 countries. I know an American friend / blogger who traveled to 140 countries.

californian redwood forest melbourne
Melbourne Australia

If you look at my list, I am yet to travel to a few countries in ASEAN and they are Myanmar, Philippines and Brunei. These are the countries that I will visit for the upcoming few years as they are still within my budget. 

south africa
South Africa

I hope to visit at least 30 countries before I hit 50 years old and maybe that will be my 2023 New Year’s resolution. There is no harm of dreaming right?

Hey it is 2023, I travel to 22 countries and almost 7 continents, how about you? Will you start traveling or planning to travel soon?

roppongi hills christmas illumination places and foods
Tokyo Japan

*Some of the countries listed in the blog are guest posts so keep calm folks.

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