March 29, 2023

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Chiang Heng Jewellery The CHEAPEST gold prices in Malaysia

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Chiang Heng Jewellery The CHEAPEST gold prices in Malaysia

Gold has been valued by humans for thousands of years, and for good reason. This precious metal has numerous uses, both practical and symbolic, that make it an important asset in many different areas. Especially in Asian community, gold offers symbol of wealth and luck. I am not the biggest fan of gold but as I get older, I understand the importance and value of gold. Recently, I have seen many of my friends purchased their gold jewellery online from Chiang Heng Jewellery as they offer the cheapest gold prices in Malaysia.

Buying gold can be made online and you can visit Chiang Heng Jewellery website at and you will be impressed and amazed by their designs and prices.

More than just affordable prices, Chiang Heng Jewellery offers a wide variety of jewellery and fashionable designs, meeting every important moment of one’s life. Chiang Heng Jewellery’s best sellers are Gold Abacus series, from rings, necklaces, bracelets and more Thus, all of which have the symbolic meaning of attracting wealth and luck and are loved by all. Minimalist gold pendants and rings are some of the favourites among couples and young people.

Beyond its practical uses, gold is also a symbol of wealth and status. Throughout history, owning gold has been a sign of prosperity and power. From ancient civilizations to modern times, gold has been used to create jewelry, decorative objects, and other luxury items that are prized for their beauty and rarity.

This is why the trend of gold jewellery with the younger generations as new gold designs are trendy and fashionable. It is no longer old or boring as you can see from Chiang Heng Jewellery website.

The one I am having is the Gold Tube Pendant with Bracelet. It comes with the pink bracelets. It is small and trendy so the young ones can wear this on daily basis.

For those who believes in feng shui, you can check out this ‘Golden Rice Bowl’ charm that might offers you luck and wealth. Rice bowl is the essential of Asian community and the Golden Rice Bowl simply means ‘get rich’. Only rich Asians eat on Golden Rice Bowl and having one means getting the ‘wealth’.

7-days exchange & return policy

At Chiang Heng Jewellery, it is the company’s wish to make sure that every customer is satisfied with its products and services. However, in the unlikely event of dissatisfaction, customers can return the said item (without damage) to Chiang Heng Jewellery within seven (7) days from the date of purchase with T&C applied. This is especially convenient for gift-giving customers.

The company also does complimentary repair services within 30 days from the date of purchase, except in the case of lost gold ornaments resulting in the need for gold replacement.

Other than online, Chiang Heng Jewellery has 18 branches nationwide and you can visit them to check out their gold jewellery. On top of their website, Chiang Heng Jewellery is also on Shopee too!

Follow Chiang Heng Jewellery’s on their socials to get instant updates.

Here are some info that you might want to know about Gold & Jewellery

Time to check out Chiang Heng Jewellery, The CHEAPEST gold prices in Malaysia! Chiang Heng Jewellery is also in The Malaysia Book of Records. They also offer 7 days Return and Exchange.

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