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Five Reasons To Have HLB Pay & Save Account/-i with Multi-Currency Feature for Traveling Overseas

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Five Reasons To Have HLB Pay & Save Account/-i with Multi-Currency Feature for Traveling Overseas

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I travel overseas quite often every year. I used to travel up to 20 times a year before the pandemic hit and restarted my traveling this year. One of the most important parts of traveling is to get the best  currency exchange rate which I get from HLB Pay&Save Account/-i with Multi-Currency Feature.

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Here are  the five reasons why  HLB Pay&Save Account/-i Account with Multi-Currency Feature is good for travelers like me.

HLB Ideal Bank

1.Ideal Bank Account

This is the ideal bank account for travelers like me, as we can earn higher interest when we spend with our debit card while traveling overseas. Not only that, we also can earn higher interest when we deposit and make online payments!

All these features are contained in one debit card and this one HLB Pay&Save Account/-i with Multi-Currency Feature is all you need!

2.Currency Conversion using HLB Connect Online and Mobile Banking

I just need to use HLB Connect Online and Mobile Banking for currency conversion. This means I don’t need to go to the nearest  money changer anymore!

HLB Pay&Save Account/-i with Multi-Currency Feature offers competitive exchange rates with no hidden cost.

Let us be honest, I never enjoy going to the money changer and queueing up to exchange my money. Not only that, it is physically time-consuming and the cost of traveling and parking are not cheap. Thanks to this HLB Pay&Save Account/-i with Multi-Currency Feature, it saves a lot of my time, energy and money.  With that extra time, I can plan my vacation wisely. 

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3. HLB Pay&Save Account/-i with Multi-Currency Feature  Supports 12 currencies

This Multi-Currency Feature which supports 12 foreign currencies covers most of the major countries  that are frequently visited by travelers to explore. I’m happy that I don’t have  to visit any of the money changers whenever I want to travel. The currencies that these account offer are: 

1. Australian Dollar (AUD)

2. Chinese Renminbi (CNH)

3. Euro (EUR)

4. Hong Kong Dollar (HKD)

5. Japanese Yen (JPY)

6. New Zealand Dollar (NZD)

7. Pound Sterling (GBP)

8. Saudi Arabian Riyal (SAR)

9. Singapore Dollar (SGD)

10. Thai Baht (THB)

11. US Dollar (USD)

12. Canadian Dollar (CAD)

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4. Spending Overseas using theHLB Pay&Save Account/-i with Multi- Currency Feature  Debit Card

This account comes with the debit card where  I can use while spending overseas. This means I  just need one debit card  for all my expenses while I’m overseas.

Most of the  time, when I make my purchase  at the counter,  the cashier will ask me whether  to charge in local currency or MYR but with this  HLB Pay&Save Account/-i I can use the local currency to make payment at ease. The good thing is, there is no charges for using my  debit card while I’m abroad. 

5. Overseas Withdrawal

One of the best things about having this account is , I can withdraw money from any Visa PLUS / Mastercard Cirrus ATM as sometimes  cash is the only acceptable method of payment in certain merchants. This will simplify things as you don’t need to carry MYR abroad and spending time to look for a money changer. 

Please remember to activate your debit card for “Overseas Withdrawal” via HLB Connect Online via Internet Banking: Login> Menu> Other Service > Debit /ATM Card>Card Setting.

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That is the five reasons to have HLB Pay&Save Account/-i with Multi-Currency Feature for traveling to foreign countries. In conclusion, it is safer, easier, and cheaper to have this account. 

For more information, you can visit their website at: https://www.hlb.com.my/en/personal-banking/deposits/savings-account/pay-and-save-account.html?utm_medium=advertorial&utm_source=placesandfoods&utm_campaign=hlb_casapayandsave_mcf&utm_content=article&utm_term=eng 

And also door to door service at: https://www.hlb.com.my/en/personal-banking/deposits/casa-notification.html

For door to door service, there is an option to click for an appointment once you filled up your area/ details. A relationship Manager will call and contact you once you click for the appointment for the door to door service.

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