March 1, 2024


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Malaysians Spent over RM 3 billion in Thailand last year

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Malaysians Spent over RM 3 billion in Thailand last year

This is something interesting to share. Malaysians Spent over RM 3 billion in Thailand last year as reported by MSN Malaysia a few days ago. RM 3 billion is equivalent to US$700 million dollars and that is a huge number.

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According to the report, Malaysians were estimated to spend over RM3 billion in tourism at Thailand last year with RM600 million spent on food, said Thailand Tourism Authority (TAT). TAT Deputy Governor Tanes Petsuwan said this comes after a surge of over 1.5 million Malaysian tourists last year after two years of a slump due to the Covid pandemic.

Tanes said Malaysian tourists like to visit the southern region during holidays, the Thailand National News Bureau reported.

TAT estimated 21 per cent or RM600 million was used primarily on food, adding further they spend around RM655 per day on their vacation.


From the report, it is over RM 3 billion on full expenses and RM 600 million spent on food in Thailand. The biggest impact is Southern Thailand as Malaysians revisited the border towns during the end of the year holidays.

My parents drove to Southern Thailand three times last year including a two weeks trip to Khao Yai. Thus, I have many friends drove to Southern Thailand due to the two years lock down.

Personally, I visited Thailand four times mainly for work and places like Phuket, Khao Lak, Petchabun and Bangkok.

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If Malaysians spent over RM 3 billion in Thailand last year, how much Malaysians will spend this year? We have to wait until next year for the full report. It is the starting of February, have you plan to visit Thailand this year?

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