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Traveling to Lima Peru for the first time

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Traveling to Lima Peru for the first time

It has been over two weeks since we updated our blog. The main reason is we have been busy with our traveling in Peru. We are in Peru for two reasons, our family wedding and holiday. This is why we travel to Lima Peru.

The most important part of traveling to Lima Peru is the flight options. Whether you use Traveloka, Skyscanner or Google Flights, there are many fight options.

lima klm

You can choose airlines with either one stop or two stops as there are no direct flights from Malaysia to Lima Peru. KLM offers one stop and they are a very reputable airlines for decades. For that reason, we decided to fly with KLM. The flight ticket for return is over RM 7000 per person and that is the most expensive flight ticket we bought in our life.

The flight time is around 13 hours from Kuala Lumpur to Amsterdam, five hours layover and another 13 hours flight time from Amsterdam to Lima. In total, it is around 26 hours flight time and 31 hours include layover. It could be more if we chose airlines that makes 2 stops.

If you are going to stop at Amsterdam, please purchase the KLM Executive Lounge pass as it is really worth it. You can refresh by taking a shower, enjoy their food as well as relax. A full review of the KLM Executive Lounge will be coming soon once we are back in Malaysia.

klm lounge
KLM Executive Lounge Amsterdam Airport

After another 13 hours of good food and good inflight entertainment, we reached Lima Peru at night. At a glance, the Lima International Airport is quite a modern airport and we can feel the heat once we exited the airport.

We are here for wedding and hence our Peruvian family fetched us from the airport to the hotel. We stayed at the business district of San Isdiro which is 10 minutes away from the popular Miraflores.

Lima is a huge city and most of the tourist spots are safe and clean. Some areas could be slightly risky but in general, Lima is a safe city to travel. We feel Lima is safer than some countries in Europe.

lima miraflores
Lima Peru – Miraflores

For food lovers, you will love Peruvian food. We tried most of the local food here and it is quite an experience. You can find many fruits and vegetables in Peru and they are cheap. On top of that, you must try the ‘Ceviche’ as well as their national drink Pisco Sour. More stories about Peruvian food coming soon.

Traveling to Lima Peru for the first time is really an eye opener for us. We must thank our new family member Oscar and his family for the warm welcome and hospitality for our family. That’s it for now and we will update more about Lima as well as Cuzco and Machu Picchu soon.

Peruvian are very friendly in general but most of them don’t speak English. The language barrier is there but it do not stop us loving Peru. Thanks for reading.

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