June 21, 2024


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Traveling with Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra for 3 Weeks

We just got back from our 3 weeks holiday to South America and Europe and time to get back to reality. Firstly, this is not a sponsored post but something to share to our readers. We have been Traveling with Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra for 3 Weeks.

peru la punta
Summer in Lima Peru

For the past three weeks, we taken over 8000 photos and videos with the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra which includes countries like Peru, Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden.

We are still in midst of cleaning up the photos and videos but the jet lags really hit us hard. For our friends and followers who purchased the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, you made the right choice and you can keep this phone for a very long time.

cuzco houses
The quality 10x Zoom in Cuzco

Traveling with Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra for 3 Weeks gives us the proper insight and review of the phone.

sweden malmo
Cold and rainy weather in Malmo

It is no brainer that the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra takes better photos with its improvement of the camera. You can easily tell from the phone and you will see the details when you work on the photos on the monitor. We use a 32” monitor for our computer and hence we can see more details on the bigger screen and the photos are very impressive.

amsterdam low light
Low light performance in Amsterdam

The massive improvement on low light photos. We took a number of low light photos and we are very impressed with the result. The details and clarity improved!

amsterdam night tram

The battery life is unbelievable. As we were in the mountains of Cuzco, hiking up to Machu Picchu, the phone battery life can last for the entire day! This includes the hundreds of photos and videos taken during the trip and this is a life saver. The new Snapdragon chipset really changed the battery life of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra.

machu picchu 2023
Machu Picchu

Weather proofing is great. From the cold temperature in Europe to the scorching heat of summer in South America, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra works perfectly despite the changes of temperature as well as the huge load of files within the phone.

Copenhagen Denmark

If you are looking for a versatile phone that offers great photos and videos with long battery life, Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is the right phone for you. This is based on our experience Traveling with Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra for 3 Weeks.

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amsterdam rain

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