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Four reasons to visit Miraflores Lima Peru

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Four reasons to visit Miraflores Lima Peru

This is the first place that shows up whenever we googled about Lima Peru, Miraflores. Coincidentally we went to Miraflores for dinner when we reached Lima Peru from Malaysia. This is thanks to our Peruvian family who wanted us to visit the best place in Lima Peru.

miraflores highway at night

We were in Lima Peru for a week but part of our time is for our family wedding and hence we didn’t fully explore Lima. However of all the places we visit in Lima, Miraflores is one of top reasons to visit in Lima Peru. Now, here are the Four reasons to visit Miraflores Lima Peru.

Firstly, it is a beautiful district with stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and well-maintained parks and gardens. It has a relaxed and cosmopolitan vibe, which makes it an attractive place to visit or live in.

miraflores day time
Miraflores during day time

We visited Miraflores at night and we were blown away by the scenic view. We went to Miraflores shopping center, Lacomar for dinner and this is the best view of the Pacific Ocean.

During day time, you will enjoyed the scenery more as you can see scenic beachside and surfers. If you can sit here and enjoy the view all day long.

miraflores at night
Night time at Miraflores

Secondly, Miraflores is a safe and secure district. It has a low crime rate compared to other parts of Lima, which makes it a popular destination for tourists and expatriates. Saying that, we never had any problems with small crimes during our visit to Lima Peru. Just be alert whenever you are alone and keep your belongings to yourself.

miraflores lacomar

Thirdly, Miraflores has excellent dining and nightlife options. It is home to many high-end restaurants, cafes, and bars, which attract both locals and tourists. This has helped to establish Miraflores as a hub for fine dining and nightlife in Lima.

One of the places for dining is Lacomar and there are quite a number of good restaurants here. We dined at Mangos and the food is up to our expectation.

Finally, Miraflores offers a wide range of cultural activities, including art galleries, museums, and theaters. This has helped to establish Miraflores as a vibrant cultural center in Lima, attracting artists and intellectuals from across the city.

miraflores love park
Miraflores Love Park

There is a ‘Love Park’ that is very popular with the locals. Many couples will go there for photos and videos for social media.

miraflores peru places and foods

We didn’t manage to explore the art galleries and museums but they are at Miraflores. If you are visiting Lima Peru, make sure you visit Miraflores. Here are Four reasons to visit Miraflores Lima Peru and we had great time in this beautiful country.

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