June 7, 2023

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How we got into the 10 hours Raya traffic jam

Before we travelled to Penang during Hari Raya, most people warned us about the traffic jam. My neighbour told us they took 12 hours to drive from Penang to KL last year. We told them, it should not be that bad this year. However, we were wrong. We got ourselves into 10 hours Raya traffic jam and this is how we screwed up.

Where got jam?

We came back on Monday, a public holiday and we thought that many people would travel back on Tuesday but we were wrong.

As we still taking our time finding food in Penang, we checked the Google Map and Waze, it still shows five hours journey back to KL. Well, it is not that bad and hence we decided to check out at 11.30 am and drove to Tambun for seafood lunch.

After lunch, the Google Map and Waze starts to show heavy traffic for Plus – Utara heading KL. This is how we screwed up.

As we started our journey from Tambun back to KL, the five hours journey still shows the same timing despite we travelled for more than 3 hours. This means the entire journey is 8 hours and more.

We gave up and took dinner at A&W at R&R and the entire journey from Tambun to Kuala Lumpur took us 10 hours. This is our first 10 hours Raya traffic jam and this will be our last too. We will not be driving long haul during festive season either Raya or CNY expect emergencies!

This is How we got into the 10 hours Raya traffic jam.

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