June 7, 2023

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Rolex Boutique Schiphol Amsterdam Airport

We don’t carry that many luxury bags or watches but we do check out branded goods from time to time. We visited Rolex Boutique Schiphol Amsterdam Airport by chance when we were on our way from Kuala Lumpur to Lima Peru.

We transit at Schiphol Amsterdam Airport, went to the KLM Blue Lounge for the five hour layover. On the way to our gate, we saw the Rolex Boutique and we went in.

For your information, there are insufficient stock of Rolex watches since 2021. Hence, most of the Rolex boutiques and stores around the world are out of stock including Malaysia and Singapore.

As we saw there are many Rolex models on display, we asked for the available models. The sales person told us, these are for display only and there are no stocks available.

We thought there are some basic Rolex models for sale such as Datejust but nothing for sale and everything was on display only.

We know this might sounds crazy but my friends are on the waiting list at Rolex Boutique in Malaysia for over 2 years for basic models only and not the sports models.

Rolex Boutique Schiphol Amsterdam Airport is located within the gate lounge. The sales people there are friendly and we wish everyone good luck to find your preferred Rolex watches.

Rolex Boutique Schiphol Amsterdam Airport

Opening Hours:

Monday               6:15 am–9:30 pm

Tuesday               6:15 am–9:30 pm

Wednesday        6:15 am–9:30 pm

Thursday             6:15 am–9:30 pm

Friday                    6:15 am–9:30 pm

Saturday              6:15 am–9:30 pm

Sunday                 6:15 am–9:30 pm

Address: Vertrekhal/lounge 2, Vertrekpassage 1-214, 1118 AP Schiphol, Netherlands

Phone: +31 20 405 9920

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