November 30, 2023


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Imbi Kuih Bakul Fried Nian Gao at ICC Pudu

There are many stories untold from our side. Same to this famous Imbi Kuih Bakul Fried Nian Gao at ICC Pudu. Before this famous stall moved into ICC Pudu, they used to sell by the side of the Mei Sin Kopitiam restaurant at Jalan Imbi over a decade ago.

imbi kuih bakul

Moving forward to 2023, Imbi Kuih Bakul Fried Nian Gao is the place to visit if you are craving for kuih bakul (they called it golden cake) or also known as nian gao in Chinese, simply means new year cake.

Kuih Bakul or fried nian gao is made of three layers of ingredients and they are sweet potato, yam and nian gao.

imbi kuih bakul nian gao

The difference here is they use the purple sweet potato which is sweeter and more expensive in pricing. If you look at the size, it is pretty big in size and hence every single kuih bakul is quite thick compare to others.

imbi kuih bakul nian gao icc pudu

Their version of kuih bakul is very crispy on the outer layer and it can keeps that crispiness for hours. Every bite, you will get bits of the sweet potato, nian gao and the yam.

This is a great snack for tea time and you will won’t stop at the first piece. The sweetness of the ingredients as well as the texture and of course this is really tasty makes this Imbi Kuih Bakul Fried Nian Gao one of the most popular stalls at ICC Pudu.

imbi kuih bakul icc pudu kl

They do sell other fried food but stick with the kuih bakul / fried nian gao which they are famous with. They have been selling kuih bakul / fried nian gao in Imbi for over 30 years and still doing great!

imbi kuih bakul icc pudu

They are located at G-11, ICC Pudu (somewhere at the back of the building) and you probably spotted them with long queue in front of their stall.

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