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Grand China Hotel Bangkok Mooncake Review

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Grand China Hotel Bangkok Mooncake Review

Let’s start with this year mooncake reviews with Grand China Hotel Bangkok Mooncake. This year we will be reviewing mooncakes from Malaysia, Thailand as well as from Hong Kong.

grand china hotel bangkok mooncakes

Don’t be surprised that many hotels and restaurants in Bangkok Thailand selling mooncakes as there are many local Chinese community in the country. Usually there are shopping malls that offer mooncake as part of the Mid Autumn Festival.

grand china hotel bangkok mooncakes type

This year, we were lucky to be in Bangkok before the Mid Autumn Festival and managed to review some of the mooncakes from Thailand.

Grand China Hotel Bangkok offers many various types of mooncakes this year. You can check it out from their Mooncake booth near their lobby entrance. As usual, you can find the usual flavours like red lotus flavor and red bean flavor.

grand china hotel mooncake 2023

They also offer sugar free flavours for lotus with yolk and walnuts with yolk but we didn’t get them this round.

We had the Custard Flavour, Purple Sweet Potato with Yolk and Durian with Yolk.

grand china hotel bangkok mooncakes

We know the weird arrangement of the mooncakes for the photo but let’s start with the review.

grand china hotel mooncake flavours
Left : Purple Sweet Potato with Single Yolk, Custard Flavour and Durian with Single Yolk

The Custard Flavour is orange in colour from in and out. The taste of this is sweet, too sweet for our liking but it is something new for us.

Purple Sweet Potato with Single Yolk is also new for us. As expected, the purple sweet potato taste is sweet but it is unique.

Lastly, we had the Durian with Single Yolk. This is the least sweet among the three mooncakes we tasted and we enjoyed this very much.

grand china hotel mooncake

Remember, they offer mooncakes with sugar free flavours (that we didn’t get) and there are also plenty of unique flavours you can choose from.


For enquires and orders please contact at 02 224 9977 ext 711 and Mobile: 084 183 3149 or visit their website at:

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