November 30, 2023


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Malaysians Almost Kidnapped in Bangkok Story Explained

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Malaysians Almost Kidnapped in Bangkok Story Explained

An update of the story of Malaysians almost kidnapped in Bangkok while there are on the way to airport two days ago. We didn’t share the initial story as usually we would wait until an official statement for the case. Today, Tourism Of Thailand Malaysia posted an explanation of the Malaysians Almost Kidnapped in Bangkok Story.


Two days ago, a Malaysian shared a story that how his e-hailing driver almost managed to kidnap him and his group while they were on their way to the airport in Bangkok, Thailand. You can read the original post in Chinese at:

In short, they ordered a pick up truck to the airport using the e-hailing ride. The driver was on the phone all the time and took a longer route. The Malaysian overheard the driver mentioning every movement in Thai from the passengers in the car.

The Malaysians then panicked and asked for rest stop for toilet but it was rejected by the driver. At the end, the Malaysians ran out of the car in sudden, pick up their luggage and took another ride back to the airport.

Here is the statement from the Tourism Of Thailand Malaysia:

The Tourism Authority of Thailand & Tourist Police Thailand have called on the eHailing driver for investigation & interrogation.   The primary finding concluded that this case in likely of misunderstanding & miscommunication. 

Police will continue to investigate, and will be calling in the other caller’s person on the phone and the operator of ride-hailing application.

Our investigation review …

– The driver currently do not have any criminal record, and having a stable job with company specializing in medical equipment services.  Driver is taking up part time ehailing job to supplement income to support family.

– Driver explained that the destination route which he used are based on the ehailing system GPS application, which is compulsory for all driver to used.   Tourists are using different map application, which show a different route.

– The driver confirmed that after picking up the passenger, he entered the heavy  traffic lane which was force to turn right,  which is different from visitors GPS route.   Visitors suddenly informed stomach upset and wants to go to the toilet , and ask the driver to change to stop in a tight area, which is impossible.   The driver informed guests he will go to nearest petrol pump toilet, but the tourist insisted to go to the toilet in the mall. Without any communication with the driver.

– Driver is being reprimanded for continue talking lengthy over the phone all the time (for 55 mins) since the passenger is picked up. The driver explained & clarified that on that particular day, it was unfortunate that his cousin had problems with the car accident, car claim and court issue, and he could not hang up the conversation. The communication continue from the  time since pick-up until visitors quickly get off the car.

– The driver also confirmed that he did not speak in such a way about taking tourists to any airport, as claimed by the tourists, who overheard the driver communicating in such messages.

Amazing Thailand will always monitor the safety and well being of our tourists.


Malaysians Almost Kidnapped in Bangkok Story is probably a case of misunderstanding as the Tourism Authority of Thailand explained.

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As you all know, we just went to Bangkok for our family trip and we do use taxi / e-hailing cars in city. We enjoyed our holiday and stay in Bangkok and our kids can’t wait for the next revisit to Thailand.

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