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Bangkok Bespoke Tailor Galaxy Tailor Bangkok

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Bangkok Bespoke Tailor Galaxy Tailor Bangkok

Bangkok is a popular place for its bespoke tailors for decades. The problem is there are thousands of bespoke tailors in Bangkok and hence which is the best. From my recent trip, we were recommended to Galaxy Tailor at Sukhumvit Soi 18 inĀ  Bangkok.

galaxy tailor bespoke
Galaxy Tailor Bangkok

With superb reviews on Google reviews, Galaxy Tailor has been around for almost two decades. Their clientele includes locals, expats as well as tourists from Asia, Australia, Europe and Americas.

galaxy tailor bespoke bangkok fabric

The Galaxy Tailor is a small boutique at Sukhumvit Soi 18. It is just a stone throw away from the Terminal 21 shopping mall, MRT and BTS station.

Why I choose Galaxy Tailor for my bespoke suit?

I made a couple of suits in Bangkok in the past and the colors and the suit are traditional. Hence, this time I wanted a suit with unique color, stretchable fabric, colourful inner layer as well as affordable in pricing. I want something different that you cannot get off the rack.

galaxy tailor bangkok roberto bellini

For the basic set it comes with three piece, the jacket, the shirt as well as the pants. The starting price is from US$ 200 for 3 piece set. The price differs with the type of fabric you choose.

galaxy tailor bangkok fabric
They offer many types and quality of fabric. Prices differs depending on quality.

I chose the stretchable fabric from Hong Kong as it makes sense for a plus size person like me.

galaxy tailor bespoke fabric
Choices for fabric

The first step is you choose the fabric for the suit, pants and the inner layer.

You can show them any particular design you prefer. They will advise on the improvements if any based on their experience.

galaxy tailor bangkok
Measuring my plus size body

Then they will do the measurement of your body and calculate the cost of the set.

galaxy tailor bangkok bespoke

You need to drop on the third day for the body fitting session. If you are in hurry, you can ask them for the best timing.

galaxy tailor bespoke bangkok fitting
Almost done

The body fitting session is to determine the right measurement and size before they finalised everything. At this time, you can roughly know the shape of the suit and pants.

galaxy tailor bespoke fitting
Fitting session

You can also put your name or initials at the inner layer of the suit. This is more personalised and this is what bespoke tailor is all about.

galaxy tailor bespoke bangkok suit
Customised inner layer
galaxy tailor bespoke bangkok places and foods
Personalised name

Lastly, they will courier the suit to your hotel at your convenience. They sent over to me and kept at the hotel lobby. It comes with the cover so it is easy to pack into your check in luggage.

I am yet to wear the full suit for any event yet but I have taken some photos at home to show the final product.

galaxy tailor bespoke bangkok
The inner shirt is included with the package.
galaxy tailor bangkok
The full suit with the inner shirt

I have also wore the jacket paired with casual shirt and pants for smart casual events. It is not just comfortable but it looks good too!

galaxy tailor bangkok
Matching the jacket with casual pants

I have compare the prices of Galaxy Tailor with other tailors, the price is similar but I love their professionalism, service, quality and workmanship. You get more than what you pay for, check out Bangkok Bespoke Tailor Galaxy Tailor Bangkok at Sukhumvit Soi 18 or make an appointment with them on their website at:

galaxy bespoke tailor bangkok
The exterior of the Galaxy Tailor

Galaxy Tailor Bangkok

Opening Hours:

9 am to 8  pm


52 Sukhumvit Soi 18, Khwaeng Khlong Toei, Khet Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110, Thailand

Phone: +66874142443


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