December 6, 2023


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Marutama Ramen Is Reopening at NU Empire

One of my favourite ramen restaurants in Klang Valley is reopening. I am talking about Marutama Ramen
and it is reopening at NU Empire mall (former Empire Subang).

Marutama Ramen Reopens copy

Thanks to Andrea who alerted me this news as she loves Marutama Ramen too. They used to
have two restaurants and one in Avenue K but both restaurants were closed
during the pandemic.

They were the only ramen restaurant that offers chicken soup based which is unique and
yet tasty. Even the broth is yellow in colour, it never lack the taste and it
is as good as pork broth.

Here what you need to know about Marutama Ramen Is Reopening at NU Empire.

Firstly, there is no indication when Marutama Ramen Is Reopening at NU Empire. Second,
it will be pork free so no more ‘char siu’ ramen for everyone. Most likely, it
will be chicken or beef ramen.

marutama cha siu ramen

Until there is any updates or confirmation, I will post again in the future. Lastly, the
good news is Marutama Ramen Is Reopening at NU Empire. Thanks for reading.

What do you think about this?

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