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Safari World Bangkok Safari Park Experience

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Safari World Bangkok Safari Park Experience

Safari World is one of the oldest and yet popular tourist attraction in Bangkok. It is consists of two parks and they are the Marine Park and Safari Park. The entire park was opened in 1988 with a total area size of 480 acres for the open zoo and 180 acres for the bird park.

safari world bangkok truck
bangkok safari world

This story is only for the Safari World Bangkok Safari Park Experience. The Safari Park is the largest section of the park and you can either self drive or take a dedicated caged truck.

The entire park is around eight km park in length and it replicates the Savannah habitat. They will drive us slowly at most areas and stop us at the Tiger, deer and hippo feeding sections.

safari world bangkok rhino

From what I read online, there are up to many individual single species. You can find Masai giraffes, Zebra, White Rhinoceros, Ankole Cattle, Cape Buffalo, Spotted Deer, Fallow Deer, Sambar Deer, India Hog Deer, Bengal Tiger and more.

safari world bangkok zebra

There is an incident happened during the Safari Park experience. My youngest boy had a huge stomach ache and thanks to park rangers who helped my boy to the nearby toilet but he had to miss the tiger feeding session.

For the tiger feeding session, it was an eye opener for the boy. We had to feed the tiger with fresh chicken meat inside the caged truck.

safari world bangkok tiger
safari world bangkok tigress

Everyone bought the meat bucket and had the chance to feed them for 5-6 minutes. The tigers can be very territorial as the alpha tiger chased off the weaker tiger for food. You can watch how they fight to get dominance even for that short feeding session.

bangkok safari world feeding hippo places and foods

After finishing all the food, we went to the next station which is the deer and hippo feeding station.

bangkok safari world hippo

Our youngest boy joined us again for this station. There are a few hippos waiting to be fed and there are a dozen of spotted deer also waiting to be fed.

bangkok safari world feeding deer

The roaming spotted deer reminded me of Nara Japan. The deer here is very tame and they won’t be as aggressive as the deer in Nara.

The entire Safari World Bangkok Safari Park Experience took around an hour as we had to wait a few guests. If not, the Safari World Bangkok Safari Park Experience will probably takes around 40 minutes.

safari world bangkok tiger places and foods

Safari World Bangkok has been around for 35 years and they still looks pretty good in 2023. We purchased the Safari World Bangkok Safari Park Experience including private transfer with KKDay at:

safari world bangkok private van

The journey from Bangkok to Safari World Bangkok takes less than 90 minutes one way depending which part of the city you stayed. Even though it was tiring but the boys enjoyed the Safari World Bangkok Safari Park Experience.

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