February 22, 2024


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Sun Fresh Japan Opens at The Exchange TRX

This is something exciting for Japanese fruits lovers like me. Sun Fresh Group Holdings Co., Ltd. (headquartered in Chiba, led by CEO Akiko Ochiai, referred to as Sun Fresh) proudly announces the opening of its inaugural store in Malaysia, situated within the SEIBU department store in the International Financial Special Zone, commonly known as TRX, in Kuala Lumpur. The grand opening is scheduled for November 29, 2023, coinciding with the launch of the SEIBU department store.

sun fresh japan the exchange trx

Spanning four levels within The Exchange TRX, occupying over 265,000 square feet, the SEIBU department store will feature more than 700 luxury, international, contemporary, and Japanese brands. Strategically located in the highly accessible TRX, the Sun Fresh store will boast a dedicated food area conceptualized after a traditional Japanese department store basement, offering an exclusive selection of fresh Japanese fruits unavailable elsewhere in SEIBU.

Having successfully expanded its international presence in Thailand and Hong Kong, Sun Fresh recognizes the burgeoning demand for Japanese fruits overseas. The decision to enter the Malaysian market aligns with the country’s pro-Japanese sentiment, coupled with a substantial influx of Japanese-interested tourists.

Sun Fresh Japan Opens at The Exchange TRX fruits

I was invited for the opening of Sun Fresh Japan at The Exchange TRX today. I manage to sample some of the fruits available and they are really tasty. Feels like having the fruits in Japan!

sun fresh japan the exchange trx fruit basket

Sun Fresh is committed to fostering a collaborative relationship with the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security, aiming to facilitate knowledge exchange and enhance agricultural techniques between Japan and Malaysia. Recognizing the importance of sustainable and innovative farming practices, Sun Fresh intends to engage in meaningful dialogue with the ministry, sharing insights from Japan’s rich agricultural heritage. Leveraging on extensive experience in working closely with Japanese farmers, they aspire to contribute valuable knowledge on crop management, quality control, and sustainable agricultural methods. Through this partnership, they envision a mutually beneficial exchange that not only promotes the growth of Sun Fresh’s business in Malaysia but also supports the broader goals of agricultural development and food security in both nations. Sun Fresh looks forward to actively participating in this collaborative effort and contributing to the advancement of agricultural practices in the Malaysian landscape.

the Exchange TRX Shopping Mall sun fresh

Sun Fresh’s key strengths lie in its premium product lineup sourced directly from dedicated farmers, a privilege only available through its extensive network of 40 department store locations across Japan. Stringent quality control measures are applied by trained Japanese and local staff, ensuring that seasonal foods corresponding to the Japanese four seasons are consistently provided. Notably, the company excels in offering personalized gift wrapping tailored to customer preferences and budget constraints. To maintain optimal freshness, all products are exclusively air-shipped to Malaysia.

Sun Fresh Japan Opens at The Exchange TRX white strawberry

The store will be divided into two sections: an eat-in area featuring fruit sandwiches, fruit parfaits, and made-to-order fresh juices, and a sales section offering a diverse range of products from everyday fruits to exquisite gifts. Sun Fresh’s product selection is thoughtfully curated for Malaysia’s diverse cultural landscape, catering to celebratory occasions such as Hari Raya, Lunar New Year, and Deepavali. From the opening day until the year’s end, the store will showcase in-season Japanese delights, including melons, shine muscats, apples, strawberries, and persimmons.

Sun Fresh Japan Opens at The Exchange TRX sandwich

Beyond its exceptional product offerings, Sun Fresh distinguishes itself with carefully crafted displays and services, promising a shopping experience that transcends the traditional greengrocer store. The company is committed to providing not just superior products but also an embodiment of Japanese hospitality, elevating the overall customer experience.

the Exchange TRX Shopping Mall sun fresh japan

Talk is cheap, time to visit Sun Fresh Japan at The Exchange TRX and check out the premium fruits from Japan. You won’t regret it, trust me!

Exchange TRX Shopping Mall sun fresh

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