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Cotta KL Rooftop Café in Mont Kiara

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Cotta KL Rooftop Café in Mont Kiara

This café is definitely a hidden gem in Mont Kiara KL. Cotta is a neighbourhood café that is popular with their fresh creamy ricotta cheese as well as their open-faced sandwiches / sourdough toast.

cotta kl rooftop cafe

It takes a while to convince me to go to Cotta KL as there are not many cafes offer tasty open-faced sandwiches. However, once I read through the Google Reviews, I decided to visit Cotta KL Mount Kiara for brunch with the family.


Cotta KL is located at Level Six, L6-1A at Verve Shops Mont Kiara. This is definitely hidden from the main road and to our surprise, the café is packed during brunch time. This means they have loyal customers base from the Mount Kiara neighbourhood.

cotta kl mount kiara

At Cotta KL, I met up with the energetic owner and founder, Mr Ivan Chong Han. Since I brought my camera, I did a short interview with him and he talked about his passion and vision of creating Cotta KL. You can watch that on the Youtube video below.

The interior is like a garden within a rooftop café. The ambiance is very cozy with its lighting mood, this café is comfortable and ideal for family and friends.

cotta kl recotta cheese

As mentioned earlier, Cotta KL offers homemade ricotta cheese as well as various open faced sandwiches. They also offer pasta as well as desserts.

cotta kl brunch

We were at Cotta KL for brunch and we ordered Chuck Mooris, Tuscany, The Classic, The Prawn Special, Mushroom Ricotta Pasta and Peruvian Chicken.

cotta kl chuck mooris toast
Chuck Mooris

This is the twice smoked 6hr slow cooked Australian beef, home-made chimichurri, chili padi, sous-vide egg, fresh ricotta, sourdough bread.

They will torched the beef before it served on top of the beautiful ricotta cheese. We love this as the beef is tasty with hints of the spiciness from chili padi and the mild after taste of ricotta cheese. I never knew ricotta cheese taste so good with this combination

cotta kl tuscany toast

This is a vegetarian option and this offers capers infused sundried tomatoes, local cherry tomatoes, mushroom medley, Sarawak black pepper, balsamic reduction, fresh basil, sous-vide egg, freshly made ricotta, sourdough bread.

The mixture of taste of Tuscany is pretty good. Even though this is vegetarian but it offers a great blend of flavours.

cotta kl the classic open sandwich
The Classic

​This is combination of Walnuts, Spanish honey, flower petals, smoked salt, freshly made ricotta, sourdough bread.

I personally loved this a lot as this is sweet and nutty with hints of the fragrant of flower petals. The ricotta offers its magic and this is good.

cotta kl prawn special
The Prawn Special

They have limited pieces of The Prawn Special and this is a must try. This comes with huge size local sabah prawns – poached in a homemade tomalley broth, secret sauce, ebiko, sous-vide egg, nori, freshly made ricotta, sourdough bread.

The secret sauce is made from the sauces of cooked prawn’s head and shell. All the sauces will be kept in the jar and this secret sauce offers a strong flavor of prawn that won’t disappoint you.

cotta kl mushroom pasta
Mushroom Ricotta Pasta

When you dine with kids, you must have pasta. We ordered the Mushroom Ricotta Pasta and it is 3 kinds of local mushrooms, smoked mushrooms, sous-vide egg, arugula, sarawak black pepper, freshly made ricotta, al dente spaghetti.

This pasta is creamy and the boys loved this.

cotta peruvian chicken
Peruvian Chicken

This is their own version of Peruvian chicken. They use oven baked chicken thigh, jalapeno peppers, greek yogurt, garlic, crispy sourdough bread.

Chicken is very tender and since we went to Peru earlier this year, we did tell them that a popular chili is used there that is very rare in Malaysia.

cotta KL

The food at Cotta KL is good and what you pay is what you get. If you watch the video, you will understand the sincerity as well as the passion of the owner of Cotta KL in offering quality and good food for the customers. The passion to make the food better is a great example of great owner that wants to offer more to customers. If you have not been here, time to visit them soon!

Cotta KL Rooftop Café in Mont Kiara

Opening Hours

​08:00 – 16:00

​Address: Cotta, L6-1A Verve Shops Mont Kiara

​50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Contact / Reservations

+6011 2321 2125

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