March 4, 2024


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Oshamambe Port Hokkaido

You won’t be visiting Oshamambe Port as it is not a tourist attraction. This is the coolest part of our trip as we have to depart from the hotel 4.30 am to catch this moment at Oshamambe Port. Why we visit Oshamambe Port? We want to see how the fishermen unloads the scallops.

Oshamanbe Port
Oshamanbe Port scallop
Those are scallops

When we reach at Oshamambe Port in Hokkaido, the workers were already starting to unload the scallops into conveyor belts. Most of these workers are elderly women. Due to the -6 degree Celsius weather, the workers had to dip their hands into hot water to warm their hands.

Oshamanbe Port collecting scallops
It is freezing!

It was-6 degree Celsius, my hands were freezing. I had to take photos and videos without glove and trying to capture as many photos and videos as I can. Even the sea was defrosting at that time.

Oshamanbe Port morning scallop
Look at the sea defrosting

There you can see how the workers processed the scallops from net. Then it is moved to crates and random scallops will be inspected for the quality.

Oshamanbe Port hokkaido
It was freezing and snowing at the same time
Oshamanbe Port scallops unloading
Unloading scallops

Since we left hotel early, we had no breakfast yet. Luckily, the organizers prepared some cooked scallops for us to sample as well as the sea cucumber.

Oshamanbe Port fresh scallop grill
Grill scallops anyone

The scallops with lips are two years old and they are just out of the boat. They simply grilled it on hot plate and it taste so good! They are one of the best scallops I have tasted in my life.

Oshamanbe Port grill scallop
These are two year old scallops
Oshamanbe Port scallop grill
Looks good? Taste better
Oshamanbe Port grilled scallop

The texture is good, the taste is flavourful and I had four pieces of those huge scallops with lips. If you are in Hokkaido, please go try the scallops as it is cheaper to eat there and you won’t regret it!

Oshamanbe Port crab dimsum
Crab dimsum

On top of that, the organizers also prepared their famous crab dim sum. The size is generous and the taste of this crab dim sum really surprised me. It is flavourful and it is really tasty! I didn’t know that there are crab dim sum in Hokkaido that taste so delicious!

Oshamanbe Port morning scallop

The trip to Oshamambe Port in Hokkaido is to understand more about scallops. As a foodie, it is always a dream to know the source of the food and in this case the famous Hokkaido scallops. Even though it is hard work at Oshamambe Port, the scallops are sold pretty value in money in Hokkaido. It is almost 1/3 of the price we can get in Malaysia.

This trip is sponsored by Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. Thank you everyone who makes this trip possible and also nice meeting all the influencers and media representatives from South East Asia, you all makes this trip amazing!

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