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10 Fun Facts About Songkran That Will Soak You in Surprise

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10 Fun Facts About Songkran That Will Soak You in Surprise

Songkran, Thailand’s vibrant New Year celebration, is renowned for its epic water fights. It is also the most important celebration for the Thais nut there’s much more to this tradition than meets the eye! Experiencing Songkran is one of the best things to do in Thailand. Dive into the bucket of fun facts and prepare to be surprised:

songkran festival

10 Fun Facts About Songkran That Will Soak You in Surprise

1. Ancient Roots, Modern Twist: Did you know Songkran dates back centuries, originally symbolizing cleansing and renewal? Nowadays, the playful water battles add a refreshing twist to the age-old tradition.

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2. More Than Just Water: While water guns and buckets reign supreme, some regions use fragrant water infused with flowers or even ice water! Prepare for a wet  (and sometimes scented) surprise!

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3. Respectful Revelry: While the water battles are intense, they’re conducted with respect. It’s customary to avoid splashing elders and pregnant women, showcasing the underlying spirit of goodwill.

4. Merit & Blessings: Songkran isn’t just about fun; it’s also about merit-making. Devotees pour scented water over Buddha statues and offer alms to monks, seeking blessings for the new year.

songkran 2

5. Global Footprint: Songkran isn’t just celebrated in Thailand! Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, and even parts of Malaysia have their own versions of this water-filled festival.

6. Beyond the Soak: Songkran offers a glimpse into Thai culture. Traditional dances, music, and colorful decorations transform the streets into a vibrant spectacle.

7. Local Delights: Don’t miss the culinary side of Songkran! Sample delicious street food like mango sticky rice, khanom chan (coconut pudding), and refreshing fruit shakes to fuel your festive spirit.

8. Eco-Conscious Efforts: Some communities are opting for eco-friendly alternatives like water misters to ensure sustainable celebrations.

9. A Royal Touch: Traditionally, the King would preside over a royal water procession, marking the official start of the festivities. Though this practice has evolved, the royal involvement underscores the festival’s significance.

10. Beyond April: While Songkran is officially celebrated in April, some regions hold water festivals at different times throughout the year. So, if you miss the April showers, you might still have a chance to get soaked!

songkran festival 2

So, there you have it! Remember, Songkran is more than just a water fight; it’s a cultural immersion, a time for renewal, and a celebration of community spirit. So, if you have the chance to experience it, don’t be afraid to grab a water gun and join the fun!

Songkran is also the time to be a kid again. Taking the water gun and prepare to have water fight with random strangers. Not afraid of getting splashed or sprayed by strangers. It is a fun, wet and memorable experience.

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Lastly, these are the 10 Fun Facts About Songkran That Will Soak You in Surprise. Just remember, respect the traditions and prepare to get soaked in the magic of Songkran!

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