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Exploring the Enchanting Vimanmek Mansion

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Exploring the Enchanting Vimanmek Mansion

This is back to the past as the enchanting Vimanek Mansion is dismantled and it will be rebuilt. What you see here is from my experience when I explore the enchanting Vimanmek Mansion over 10 years ago.

vimanmek mansion

Nestled within the sprawling Dusit Palace complex in Bangkok, Thailand, lies a unique architectural marvel known as Vimanmek Mansion. Dubbed the “world’s largest golden teakwood building,” Vimanmek isn’t just a structure – it’s a captivating journey through Thailand’s royal history and cultural heritage.

vimanmek mansion

Built in the early 20th century by King Rama V, Vimanmek served as his temporary residence before later housing members of the royal family. Its unique architectural style reflects a fascinating blend of Western influences, particularly Victorian neoclassicism, and traditional Thai elements. Think intricate latticework, elegant staircases, and soaring ceilings adorned with ornate details.

vimanmek palace wood structure

I remember that I was told that there was not a single nail used to build the Vimanmek Mansion and the entire building is made from teakwood!

Please take note that visitors are not allowed to bring any recording devices which include camera or video camera including media representatives. I am not sure with the reasons but there are many private exhibits inside the Vimanmek Mansion which is quite interesting.

vimanmek palace

Beyond Stunning Architecture:

Step inside Vimanmek and immerse yourself in a bygone era. The mansion houses an extensive collection of royal artifacts, furniture, and personal belongings, offering a glimpse into the daily lives and interests of the royal family. Wander through rooms adorned with antique photographs, fine porcelain, and opulent furniture, each piece whispering stories of a time gone by.

There are many gifts from royalty and VVIP from all of over the world. I must say it an eye opener to see so many unique royal artifacts and furniture from the past.

vimanmek palace bangkok

More than just a Museum:

Vimanmek transcends being just a museum; it’s a vibrant exhibition space that brings history to life. Throughout the year, the mansion hosts cultural events, workshops, and theatrical performances, allowing visitors to experience Thai heritage firsthand. Imagine participating in a traditional Thai dance workshop, enjoying a live music performance within the majestic halls, or even witnessing a reenactment of royal ceremonies.

A Haven for Tranquility:

Beyond its historical significance, Vimanmek offers a haven of tranquility amidst the bustling city. Wander through the lush gardens, dotted with ponds and pavilions, where you can escape the urban noise and bask in the serene atmosphere. Enjoy a picnic lunch under the shade of towering trees, or simply relax and soak in the peaceful ambiance.

Closed for Replacement:

According to Wikipedia, Vimanmek Mansion has been closed to visitors since 21 July 2016.In 2018, based on the satellite image from Google Maps, Vimanmek Mansion was demolished and stored in tents on the grounds of the adjacent parliament.

In July 2019, an official in the Office of His Majesty’s Principal Private Secretary clarified that the building had been disassembled to allow for the replacement of its deteriorating wood and metal pilings with steel pilings and a concrete foundation, and would be “rebuilt exactly as it looked” with the addition of a large fishpond to its north. However, it was also disclosed that it would be permanently closed and not re-opened to the public. According to documents, the cost of the construction works are estimated at 81 million baht.

vimanmek palace places and foods

I was lucky to visit Vimanek Mansion before it is closed for good. It is the matter of time for the reconstruction of the new Vimanek Mansion. For now, just enjoy the few photos of the Vimanek Mansion taken over 10 years ago.

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