April 21, 2024


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Shake Shack TRX Malaysia Preview

The wait is over soon as Shake Shack to Officially Opens Doors at The Exchange TRX in Malaysia on April 10 2024. Since this is the first Shake Shack in Malaysia, I am sure that many people are interested to check out their famous burgers and and milk shake.

[Photo 1] Shake Shack Malaysia's main entrance with artwork at TRX Exchange

Shake Shack, a beloved global fast-casual restaurant chain that started as a humble hot dog cart, will be shaking things up in Kuala Lumpur and officially opening its doors at The Exchange TRX on April 10 at 7pm. To celebrate the occasion, the first 200 guests will receive exclusive swag, and an extra special surprise for the first person in line.

[Photo 2] Shake Shack Malaysia interior with menu

Malaysia Exclusives

Shake Shack TRX will unveil a selection of signature items that have been exclusively crafted to celebrate the rich culinary heritage of Malaysia. These creations showcase the vibrant flavors synonymous with the local food scene.

Shake Shack Malaysia City Shake_ Bunga Raya
Bunga Raya Shake

The signature Bunga Raya city shake, inspired by the national flower of Malaysia, the Hibiscus, features hibiscus jelly topped with vanilla frozen custard blended with dragon fruit and gula melaka, topped with whipped cream, coconut crumble and melaka drizzle. The TRX-exclusive TRXopical Park concrete,  inspired by the tropical essence of Malaysia, features vanilla frozen custard blended with Rompine pineapple, dragon fruit, and shortbread cookies, topped with plum powder.

Signature Menu Items

[L-R] Shake Shack Malaysia Menu_ ShackBurger, ChickenShack

The menu at TRX features all the crowd-pleasing made-to-order favorites including the signature ShackBurger® made from fresh Angus beef that is free from antibiotics; Flat-Top Sausage, which uses imported beef, antibiotic-free Chicken Shack and Hot Chicken sandwiches, as well as the meat-free ‘Shroom Burger, crispy Crinkle-Cut Fries and a delightful assortment of Shakes and Frozen Custard.

Stand For Something Good

What’s more, Shake Shack partners with local purveyors to support the community. The Shack Attack concrete uses exclusive chocolate chunks from a local chocolatier, Chocolate Concierge, and blends with chocolate frozen custard, Shack fudge sauce, and cocoa nibs. Staying true to the company’s mission to Stand For Something Good, Shake Shack supports local charity Yayasan Chow Kit, a non-profit organization based in Kuala Lumpur that aims to protect the rights of at-risk children and youth. 5% of sales from Shack Attack will go to the cause.

[L-R] Shake Shack Malaysia Concretes_ Hey Macadamia!, Shack Attack, TRXopical Park

As part of Shake Shack’s commitment to inclusivity and respect for local customs, Shake Shack TRX offers a menu that is pork-free, lard-free, and alcohol-free.

I have tried Shake Shack in Singapore and it is NON-HALAL so it is good to see Shake Shack TRX offers pork free, lard free and alcohol free food so everyone can enjoy.

Shack Design and Art

Drawing inspiration from TRX’s sustainable ethos and commitment to organic integration, Shake Shack TRX embodies the essence of ‘organic connections’. Transforming the environment into an organic oasis, the design prominently features Malaysian Meranti wood, infusing the interior with natural warmth and connectivity. Influenced by traditional Malaysian art forms such as carving, weaving, and silversmithing, the TRX Shack pays homage to the region’s rich cultural heritage. From intricate handwoven baskets to the exquisite silverwork of Malay courts, these artistic elements inspire a neutral color palette and botanical accents.

[Photo 3] Shake Shack Malaysia Dining Area

Central to the design is a dynamic ceiling feature reminiscent of traditional Malaysian weaving techniques, symbolizing the interconnectedness of all elements within the space. Through this abstract interpretation, Shake Shack TRX fosters organic connections, inviting guests to immerse themselves in a sensory experience that honors both tradition and innovation.

[Photo 7] Shake Shack Malaysia's 'Organic Oasis' Interior

Known for her quirky and fun style, local artist Shu Yee draws inspiration from the tropical tapestry of Malaysia, infusing her artwork with the lively spirit of the nation. She seamlessly weaves in elements of Malaysian crafts, adding depth and character to her creations. Shu Yee’s art also reflects the rich culinary heritage of Malaysia, illustrating how food is more than just sustenance—it’s a cultural connector that brings people together.

[Photo 5] Shake Shack Malaysia Interior featuring Malaysian Meranti Wood

The exterior mural captures the essence of the brand mission, “Stand for Something Good,” while also incorporating iconic Malaysian elements such as the national flower, intricate weaving art, traditional marble glass game, and the national bird. This fusion of local culture and our brand ethos symbolizes the unity of the community, where people are brought together and connected through food, creating unforgettable Shack experiences.

[Photo 4] Shake Shack Malaysia Open Kitchen

The interior artwork beautifully depicts the presentation of our iconic ShackBurger to our Malaysian guests, complemented by tropical elements and charming heritage shophouse windows, all infused with our distinctive iconography. It’s a delightful fusion of our brand’s warm hospitality and the vibrant local elements.

[Photo 6] Shake Shack Malaysia at Plaza The Exchange TRX

I can’t wait to visit Shake Shack TRX, the first outlet in Malaysia and check out the Malaysia’s special menu!

Shake Shack The Exchange TRX, KL

Address: Tun Razak Exchange – Station Foyer, Plaza The Exchange TRX, PL.11.0, Persiaran TRX, Imbi, 55188 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur

Hours: 10:00am to 10:00pm

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shakeshackmy/  

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shakeshackmy/

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